TSN POY vote. Cavalry are coming (was:Argos are...)

Vote for Banks even 5 seconds :rockin: Let's GO TIGERTOWN :rockin:

[url=http://poy.tsn.ca/4-cflpoy2014/match/105-john-chiles-vs-brandon-banks]http://poy.tsn.ca/4-cflpoy2014/match/10 ... ndon-banks[/url]

[had to edit your subject line :wink:]

I just did an hour on the ryan3434, 2 tabs open system! works pretty good, twice as fast,
But We are not gaining
It is the least we could do for the guy, after all, he did return 2 punts for TD's in the East Final!!!!!!!!!!!!

My thumb cramped up on my I phone ! :thup:

I just put in a bunch for a few minutes with 2 tabs, gets a bit monotonous actually.

I'll need physio on my thumb there no way some Argo is going to beat me at helping speedy B win :thup:

I'll take care of this... :wink:

DOWN by 1000 We need everyone's help TIGERTOWN :thup:


Keep plugging away, we are in the Alamo hoping the re-inforcements get here in time.

The Tiger-Cat players, the Tiger Cat marketing staff (@ticats), and many of the media are travelling this afternoon. They'll be back on Twitter and FB soon.

Meantime its up to us to keep it close...

... also, if you have a computer and a tablet or smartphone you can use both and vote twice as fast! Or three times, or four times...

Have have 3 windows open, lets do this!


i'VE GOT IT DOWN TO LESS THAN 1 % but time is running out Cat Nation,come on I need your help....HELLO anybody out there.
I can't do this myself.Currently 50.82 to 49.18 for the bad guys...WE CAN DO THIS....TAKE IT TO THE BANK(S) :thup: :thup:

if we all open 2-3 windows each (2X-3X faster) we can win this deserved title for Banks who helped get us to the Cup.

let's go Cat Nation!

Under 3 hrs left,COME ON CAT NATION LET'S DO THIS IT'S CURRENTLY 50.70 to 49.30 I need help anybody out there? We are so close but were running out of time. :thup:

Much like his punt returns, he' was boxed in but now he's starting to run away with it. Currently up by over 4000 votes with 2 and a half hours to go.

I should point out that I'm voting for it because it was truly the better play, not because I'm a Ti-Cat fan. I'm not fan of homerism ballot stuffing, so if he goes up against a more worthy play, I voting for the other guy.

Edit: Wow, just in the time I wrote this, his lead stretched by another 1000...

GREAT JOB CAT NATION :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: Since this post above we have now pulled ahead and it looks like thanks to all of us that SPEEDY "B" is going to run away with this,much like he did last week while shredding the Tweety Birds all game long. AWESOME JOB BOYS & GIRLS !!!!! I knew we could do this cause CAT NATION IS THE BEST....the Hell with the rest.
Especially if they're wearing Blue :twisted: :thdn:

I walk away for 10 minutes and now his lead is over 6000...