I disagree …you are right in terms of population , but HALIFAX’s population is much less most CFL cities , and certainly any NFL city.

11,000 at 40$ to 60$ a pop , is really great for a maket that has no team and no investent in the CFL.

The NFL didn’t sell out in TORONTO as well, and the last 2 games had BUFFALO. Tickets cost 30$ Canadian :smiley:

That is great for B.C. :smiley:

these arguments...who gives a rat's azz

The ARGOS won the GREY CUP , ALLEN was the GREY CUP MVP , and no one cares about 3rd place in sports except for the Olympics.

ALLEN has the numbers in the CFL and A.C. does not ,yet…prove me wrong.

Also , I am not the only one here who disagrees with you …

As it stands now , MONTREAL has a 2 game losing streak , Argos have a 3 game winning streak.

OTTAWA ,won the pre season game by beating MONTREAL in MONTREAL [both teams didn’t play their best players] , ARGOS are GREY CUP CHAMPS…deal with it… :wink:

So , I not supposed to put any headlines about OTTAWA winning games now?

WHO do you think that you are? You can’t tell me what to do or what to write.

I was happy for OTTAWA because it should sell tickets for their next game.

Some MONTREAL fans are just filled with sour grapes and are sore losers.

And , I am not GAY as you suggest , just allot nicer and smarter than you are.

I am flattered by your interset in me. But I have a beautiful Japanese wife.


The list is, of course, meaningless; all that matters is what happens on the field.

If these guys just automatically picked the Grey Cup champs at #1, I would give the list absolutely no credibility whatsoever. This is a new year, and remember that the Grey Cup champs finished 3rd in the league standings last year.

And anyone who would pick Ottawa, Calgary, Saskatchewan, or Winnipeg to finish ahead of Hamilton has their head up their butt. None of them did it last year, despite the fact that ALL (except Ottawa) were picked to do so.

We disagree on one point, but why would… B.C. be second…?

What place is NEW ENGLAND on the NFL power rankings?

But you are right , all that matters is what happens on the field :smiley:

Actually as it stands now all teams are at 0-0 and there is no winning streaks. Last time I checked pre-season records don’t effect how a team does throughout the season. Neither does how a team did last year.

You are right , but some other people keep track of those things…but having a winning team and keeping alot of the same players carries some weight…

Lets hope that SASK. is just as good as last year or even better. :smiley:

How else can some one predict anything with out past performances or the loses/gains of players…ect…

They might as well have picked OTTAWA, at number 1 on this list. :smiley:

I would say that B.C. deserves to be higher than MONTREAL because they will have PRINTERS and DICKSON at the beginning of the regular season and MONTREAL and TORONTO still don’t have proven back up Q.B.s.

B.C. does. :smiley:

I also like the fact that the ,CFL Official mag , agrees that the ARGOS are the team to beat this year. :wink:

…because of defence , a healthy ALLEN and we have the same team as last year…so …I am not the only person to say this. :smiley:

CFL mag …is from EDMONTON.

First of all these Power Rankings are BS. I don’t know why this fool still has a job. Even last year this guy made no sense.

And I’m still laughing at everyone who gives Toronto no respect. I don’t know, maybe they didn’t impress anyone by winning the Grey Cup by beating Montreal at the Big O and then rolling BC in the final. Maybe it wasn’t the prettiest way of winning but they were the best team last year,

As for Montreal, my funky theory is that they aren’t playoff performers, only regular season performers. They lost the East final at home last year, and they should have lost it the year before that too, winning only because the refs made perhaps one of the most overlooked blown calls in CFL playoff history (Calvillo clearly fumbling it before crossing the goal line). I guess that Grey Cup the Als won 2 years ago is starting to get a little distant now isnt it.

Montreal have proven that they are great in the regular season , but can’t win the game game…they have won the CUP , only once , in how many tries?

The ARGOS beat MONTREAL in MONTREAL in front of over 50+ fans…I guess that doesn’t mean any thing , either, to some people.

The main excuse that MONTREAL lost was because A.C. went down , but they ignore the fact that the ARGOS were winning the game before he went down , and did they learn…do they have a tested back up this year ?..NO!!!

The ARGOS, had a bigger pay roll , NFL cuts…ect … :roll:

Some people also ignore the fact that the ARGOS also beat… B.C. , as well.

Some people are just in deneil , and feel that the regular season is more important than winning 2 games in a row and winning, the GREY CUP.

I would bet you 1 million dollars that if… MONTREAL or B.C. or SASK…ect… had won the CUP and where not first of this B.S… list, that there would be , hell to pay.

Allen, is the BEST Q.B. in all of PRO football history , was the 2004 GREY CUP MVP , and has the RECORDS and the CHAMPOINSHIP RINGS, to back up my claim…while A.C. does not have any thing close to ,ALLEN… yet.

There are NO …what ifs , ands or buts in the… CFL , NHL , NFL , NBA record books…they just deal in what has BEEN DONE , not what will or might be done. :smiley:

They all also only care about who won the CHAMPIONSHIP games. :wink:

Going by what some of you write …shouldn’t EDMONTON be # 1 on this B.S… list , since they have RAY and MOSS.? 8)

AND TO 514MLT… saying that the ARGOS suck as an argument is really immature and those terrible ARGOS beat MONTREAL at home , so what does that make MONTREAL?.. :lol:

Montreal then really must suck. :lol:

  1. TORONTO [ Grey Cup champs , have the same team as last year and will have an even better defense , this year. If ALLEN goes down their could be trouble…but they have lots of Q.B.s and BISHOP, who set an arena football record this year. He was 3-3 and 1 last year in the CFL ]

  2. B.C. [ They will have Printers and DICKENSON…plus motivation to be better this year .The defence still needs some work,but they look solid]

  3. EDMONTON [ Have RAY and MOSS …an improved defence and offence , but can they stay ingury free at Q.B.?]

  4. MONTREAL[they are getting older , lost some key players on the off season and still have no tested back up Q.B. , but they still have great recievers.]

  5. SASK. [this team may seem under rated by me , but if they are as good as last year and have most of their team back this year, they will move up fast]

  6. HAMILTON [biggest concern is at Q.B. , and in defence, but they have a great gen manager and coach.]




7, 8 and 9… Calgary has team stabilty as does OTTAWA and WINNIPEG.

These will be my dark horses this year.They all have improved teams.
But turning around to a winning season is not easy.

…and it will be very close between all those numbers .

And we will see soon enough :smiley:

I have agreed with you on OTTAWA, the guy who does the CFL rankings works for ESPN , in NEW YORK.ESPN owns 30 % of TSN.

As for who cares ?..ARGO fans do…

Why should we even have the play offs at all , just give the GREY CUP to who ever has the most points at the regular season? …I guess that SASK… GREY CUP win in 1989 , was just a fluke, then. :wink:

How the hell did Winnipeg end up being spelt wrong? It is pretty damn simple to spell you dummies...

Well, it seems that not all agree with you at this thread, and some agree with me…MONTREAL, is almost the BUFFALO BILLS of the CFL…

You still haven’t said what I was wrong about?

YES , Montreal was the best regular season team in the CFL in 2004…and
B.C. was second…and the ARGOS beat BOTH of them and are GREY CUP CHAMPS…MONTREAL, has only 1 GREY CUP to show for a couple of years of great regular season play.

YES , your stupid , falling apart, BIG 0 , had the FIRST retractible roof…TORONTO, had the FIRST ONE THAT ACTUALLY worked…and still does. :lol:

ALLEN, is the CFL’s best Q.B. ever NOT… A.C…PROVE ME wrong… :lol: what ifs , and maybes are NOT proof of anything.

see ya , later SCOTT CULLEN and from what I have read at the MONTREAL site here , you don’t get along well with other MONTREAL, fans either. :lol:

You are a coward in deneil and you hide behind your internet name…lets meet some time in person.

You remind me of a real jerk called , SECTION W.

Not getting enough sex are you? :lol: I told you that I was straight and taken, married to a beautiful Japanese wife.

STALK …some one else…and you are going to look mighty stupid if you are wrong this year…AGAIN. :wink:

Alright loser, believe what you want, live in your Toronto bubble land world. I can understand what it must be like to grow up losing almost every year in Toronto and what that must do to a persons mind. You are a perfect example. You are never going to admit defeat or let someione else have the lasy say, so I don't intend to be conversing with you again. At least that's the plan.
For what it's worth I know both Montreal and Toronto have strong teams this year and it's going to be a close battle. The difference is I don't go out of my way to put the other team down, you do. We will see who is better.

:roll: deneil and projection........look those words up.....you may learn some thing ...........you have never WRITTEN anything here bad about some one else or another team? YA! RIGHT....................... :lol: :lol: :lol:

let’s find …Jeremy’s… POSTS , shall we?

People read what he wrote in other posts and how he started this argument…and now , it is my fault.? :roll:

And you are not jealous of TORONTO , ya right?

And I guess we will never know what I was wrong about…since you have avoided that one.

Also, look up the word …hypocrite…

ARGOS, have also won the MOST GREY CUPS…more than MONTREAL. :lol:

You are a text book case of an insecure racist BULLY who projects all his insecurities onto other people and then can’t take responsibilties for your own actions.

As with any bully… when confronted, YOU back down.

And by the way… I grew up in MONTREAL… :lol:

STAY away from me .

hellothere, I just reread some of what you wrote.
I don’t know who Scott Cullen is or care, I get along great with my fellow Als fans asshole and as for meeting sometime, I’m really not into meeting psychos from Toronto but I am 6’2-220 and not going back down.
Yes Toronto are the Cup Champs and played great in the playoffs and are the team with the bullseye on them. You think Toronto is better, I think Montreal is better, you think 41 or 42 year Allen is better than 32 year Cavillo and I don’t .I think Montreal has a better offense.
I come on this site for football talk and enjoyment, not receiving and making threats and I assume you do to.

Sorry, if that was ALL you just said to me and others in your many posts there wouldn’t be a problem , but that is not all you have written, is it?

You have called people names , suggested that I was GAY , I just had enough of your B.S. with me and some others.

Again people… read his past posts…hypocrite is his name.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You are just so funny.....I thought you were not going to write anything any more? :lol:

…you can’t even get your own statements right… :lol: :lol:

You are certainly are very entertaining…I will give you that. :wink: :lol:

what a goof… :roll: Please leave me alone…NOW.

Montreal will be in serious trouble if Calvillo goes down. Maybe Tom Canada can twist his ankle to smithereens like he did to Kerry Joeseph last year. I'm not wishing that, but these things can, and do, happen.
Good Luck Als.
Ottawa can only get better.

Go Rens Go!!

This is how the power rankings should be

  1. BC- very good Offence and very solid Defence, very balanced will win the west this year.

  2. Toronto - defending grey cup champs, y does everyone rank them so low.

  3. Edmonton - Ricky ray will have to carry this team, with no RB, weak Oline and average D.

  4. Montreal - Always a good team, not as good as last few years but still will be very competitive.

  5. Winnipeg- Much impoved team, especially on D, will be a major surprise.

  6. Saskatchewan- Good team but will finish just behing WPG

  7. Calgary- very improved team, still not quite there yet

  8. Hamilton- Mcmanus looked pathetic vs TOR, below average D

  9. Ottawa - little bit improved from last year, but still last place

I agree …even though the ARGOS are the GREY CUP CHAMPIONS , B.C. has the best 2 proven Q.B.s for the regular season.

I put the ARGOS first in my choices ,because they won the cup and as defending champions , are this years team to beat …but IF that doesn’t count?..B.C. and EDMONTON each have the best 2 CFL tested, Q.B.s…That is , IF RAY, is not seriously injured and can bonce back for opening day.

I also think that OTTAWA will do much better than last year. :smiley: