Here are the TSN Power Rankings that just came out:

  1. Montreal
  2. B.C.
  3. Toronto
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Edmonton
  6. Calgary
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnepeg
  9. Ottawa

I have to say I mostly agree with this. The Grey Cup is probably going to end up in either Montreal, B.C. or Toronto this year. However, I still don't know how Toronto managed to do it all last year, and I really don't see it happen again. Edmonton could also be a surprise, but i don't think they have as much depth as they used to.

BTW, hello to all Als fans. Third_And_Ten, ro1313 and the others, nice to see you all back.

I think Montreal is in for another 14 wins season. Vaughn is going to be huge with the Als. And I do hope Montreal can engineer a decent running game this year.

Get ready to channel your anger everybody else. Who's in the house? Als in the house!

This guy has NO idea what he is talking about and was wrong all last year about every team.

Hey 514MTL Welcome back! Former r44 here. Where you been, helping your PQ buddies sort out there leadership problems?

Seriously though, these TSN Ranking kinda look the regular season of last year at one point. There have been changes, Edmonton 5th doesn't look right. BC , Montreal, Edmonton,Toronto, Sask. would have to be the faves right now, although Calgary and Hamilton will be good teams too. And Ottawa and Winnipeg are going to be hard teams to beat too this year.

I will stick to CFL magazine and not to Americans who know nothing about the CFL........the TSN guy lives in NEW YORK.

Stick to what makes you feel better hellothere, you can sleep better that way.


Yes and......... B.C...... deserves to be behind MONTREAL?......even though they made it to the GREY CUP and Montreal did not. And even though MONTREAL, already lost it's first pre season game........ :lol:

Ha........lets put the GREY CUP CHAMPIONS 3rd , ya you are right , this guy knows CFL FOOTBALL :lol: :roll:

I agree with hellothere. Buddy seems to have his list a little, uh... wrong!? I dunno. I would have ranked the Argos #1 for sure. Being Grey Cup champions and all.

And now, for a really stupid question.. What does "Import Player" mean?

Last year means nothing. It's an absolutely new season and I agree with his rankings. Just because Toronoto won the grey cup it doesn't mean they are automatically the favourites. It's just one guys opinion and if you don't agree with it don't read it.

And Montreal losing that first pre-season game doens't mean anything. And if you believe that will be the same Montreal team playing in the regular season you don't know CFL football.

Montreal have already lost their first game.They didn't even get to the GREY CUP , so they are first? YUP, that makes sence when the ARGOS have the same team as last year and Montreal lost some key players.

I am just agreeing with what is in CFL magazine.......published in EDMONTON.

And I guess you didn't mind SASK. being at # 6 for most of the last year.

I guess winning the GREY CUP means nothing NOW.....just give the CUP to the team with the most points at the end of the season...then.........MONTREAL CAN WIN EVERY YEAR.

WHY ARE ...............B.C. second ? do you agree with that?
Please explain.

Finally , I didn't start this. :smiley: But we will see.

Yor really should see a doctor about those problems hellothere. When faced with numerous statistics and proven facts to dispute your case in different posts, time after time you just ignore it or change the subject. Anyway Goodluck to the defending Grey Cup Chimps! The Argos.

Montreal has not lost their first game, they lost their first pre-season game which means absolutely nothing. Like I said before it's like an NHL teams farm team losing.

If Saskatchewan plays well he'll rank them higher but as of now all teams start at 0-0 and all that is is just one guy's opinion.

As far as ranking, here are mine;

  1. B.C.
  2. Montreal
  3. Edmonton
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Toronto
  6. Calgary
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnipeg
  9. Ottawa

Of course that's just my opinion and really has no merit. The only thing that has merit is the official standings, everything else is just heresay.

as far as im concerned all the teams should be rated as number one. after week one we can start rating the teams


what an asshole you are :roll:
that is all that you have proved.

and you are not very good at lying.......... :roll:

GOD , forbid that any one should say any thing bad about Montreal , or disagree with you........I would hate to be your kid/ wife.

STALK , some one else. :roll:

And you better be right. :lol:

Those TSN power rankings are a crock. The CFL is a league of parity, any of the teams ranked in the top 5 could beat each other on any given day, even Calgary, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Ottawa will field competitive teams. All that aside, like some people have already said, it's impossible to tell until a couple weeks into the season at least. Look at Ottawa last year, Tillman assembled a pretty strong team, they got off on a tear, then got bit by the injury bug and dwelled in the league basement for the remainder of the season. Anything can happen in the CFL.

From what I have read on this post, the whole bloody thing is a crock.

All they have done is shuffle the final rankings from last year around a bit to try to justify that they actually spent anytime considering this topic.

Next time, actually try to come up with something that makes sense. How can you not possibly rank the defending cup champs as number one.

hellothere, you are the one who is provoking several different Als fans to set you straight, it is you who refuses to accept the facts when they are put right in front of youfr face. You were wrong on the Allen-Cavillo earlier posting, wrong on the defense posting and wrong again on this posting. It is you who put up a provocative posting headline after the Als lose there preseason opener without playing Cavillo, Jenkins and several others. It is you who are a shit disturber and therefore when Toronto is not perfect you will receive the same in return.
By the way nice name(hello there) not that there is anything wrong with that kind of life style!

Wow, things sure get nasty in a hurry around here! Personally, I hope that Als and Toronto both suck, although I'm not betting any money on that. I didn't think the TSN ratings were too far off. Here's my take:

  1. BC
  2. Montreal
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Toronto
  5. Edmonton
  6. Calgary
  7. Ottawa
  8. Hamilton
  9. Winnipeg

I can't see anyone finishing higher than BC in the regular season, although playoffs are always a different matter. Saskatchewan may be a bit of wishful thinking, but as someone else pointed out, I think the top 4-5 teams could be really close.

As for Toronto being ranked anything but first just because they were Grey Cup champs - who cares? I wasn't that impressed with their team last year (okay, their defence was pretty good), and I'm still not impressed with them. Just because a team plays well in the playoffs and wins the grey cup doesn't mean that they're the best team around.

The other big difference I have with TSN is Ottawa. I think that they'll surprise some people this year.

Some people have complained about Toronto not being first (Grey Cup Champions last year) and Montreal being 1st in the rankings while they didn't make it to the final.

The reason for this is simple. Toronto sucks, and Montreal is sassy. There you go : football expertise at its finest, unbeatable rationale.

This also explains why Montreal should be at the top of the rankings forever, even before the last game of an 0-16 season.

Anyone else with some funky football theories about the Als not being first is something?? :shock:

ARGOS 10 .............HAMILTON 0 ............at the end of the first quarter.

The ARGOS offence , hasn't scored a... T.D. yet.

WOW , what a great crowd in HALIFAX...... at.... 40$......to 60$.... A POP...........WELL DONE HALIFAX!!!!!!!!

Even the NFL can't say OR claim a real sellout............ in CANADA!

The last 2 NFL games in TORONTO.... cost 30$ Canadian.

And a game NFL game in VANCOUVER didn't sell out. What were those ticket prices? THANKS!

You're comparing apples and oranges hellothere. Halifax attained a sell-out by filling 11 000 seats, normally not a praiseworthy acheivement. Vancouver had 60 000 to fill, although I am perplexed at the fact that an NFL pre-season game didn't sell out there. Lets take this as good news, maybe it's cause the Lions are finally tapping back into the Vancouver sports market and winning back some CFL hearts on the left coast.