TSN power rankings

(Last updated: August 3)
[1] Montreal (Last Week: 1)
[2] Edmonton (Last Week: 3)
[3] Calgary (Last Week: 2)
[4] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 4)
[5] Hamilton (Last Week: 5)
[6] Winnipeg (Last Week: 8)
[7] Toronto (Last Week: 6)
[8] B.C. (Last Week: 7)

No way is Edmonton 2nd. IMHO the 'Cats are 2nd or 3rd right now. And Calgary should be ranked below Hamilton just based on wins, not whims. Guess we'll just have to whup 'em both for the biased TSN guys to admit the west isn't dominant this year.

Check out Sportsnet's rankings. We won and we dropped from number 3 to number 4. That is just ridiculous.

That's why I don't read those things. They are little more than one person's opinion. I'll share my power rankings right now.

  1. Hamilton
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Sask
  5. Montreal
  6. Wpg
  7. Calgary
  8. Toronto

Mine are about as valid as the other two mentioned. :lol:

At least you have your priorities right, BHG. The blew at the bottom and us at the top...

And it's weird how Calgary is ahead of Saskatchewan, considering the Riders beat the Stamps IN Calgary, and the Riders have a better record then them?? Someone blind must have made these.

In my opinion:


At least Perry Lefko has the Riders in first!! :slight_smile:

My favourite "power rankings" are called the standings.

For what it's worth - the Toronto Sun (I saw it in the paper edition) lists us as second in their power rankings, but unfortunately I can't find a link to it.

We beat the 3rd worst team and the worst team twice... Edmonton beat the BEST team... a team we lost to. Oh... and we got beat by the 2nd worst team. I think we're ranked right where we deserve (at the moment)... but when we beat the Eskies... then we'll be movin on up!

Funny, I was about to type that too. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Last week some people were saying “we held Montreal to only 21 points” therefore we should be number two" This week Edmonton hammers Montreal and we say “No way Edmonton should be ahead of us”

come on guys some common sense please. Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Sask are better than us right now.

i agree we really havnt beat a decent team but we have lost to one of the worst

i think the argos won't beat us again this year and when we beat edm we will get some respect that we deserve

mark my words we will beat the als this year we gave them a game last time

cant wait for some respect around the league especially from Climie

Can't argue with #5 in power rankings. 2 wins against the worst team + 1 win against the 3rd worst team makes us at least the 4th worst or 5th best team.

The game against Edmonton will be another litmus test much like the game in Montreal.

Ever think the worst team is the worst team BECAUSE we beat them twice???

The Allwets were AWOL in that Ed game. Worst game Ive seen the Als play in years, I hope they play like that against us. :lol: We have to bet Ed on Sat.

The TSN rankings look ok to me. I'd just format them differently.

[1] Montreal

[2] Edmonton
[3] Calgary
[4] Saskatchewan
[5] Hamilton

[6] Winnipeg
[7] Toronto
[8] B.C.

Not much difference between 2,3,4&5 or between 6,7&8

Very good

Ever think the worst team is the worst team BECAUSE we beat them twice???

I agree. BC has killed us in the past and has been a traditional powerhouse. So, all of sudden they're supposedly lousy cuz the 'Cats beat 'em - twice. Doing so is more impressive than the Eskies beating Montreal once, and merits more respect from TSN. The standings, however, do reflect rankings a little better. We're even with Edmonton and a game behind Montreal, and a game ahead of the next rival.

I'm happy :smiley: