TSN Power Rankings

[1] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)
[2] Montreal (Last Week: 2)
[3] Calgary (Last Week: 3)
[4] B.C. (Last Week: 4)
[5] Edmonton (Last Week: 5)
[6] Winnipeg (Last Week: 8)
[7] Toronto (Last Week: 6)
[8] Hamilton (Last Week: 7)

These are the latest TSN Power Rankings.

For the most part, I agree with 1 through 5, but 6 through 8 doesn't make sense to me.

Winnipeg has a slightly worse record than Toronto and was beaten by the Argos twice this season, but are ranked ahead of them. Does that make sense?

Toronto has a slightly better record than Hamilton, but has been blown out by the Tiger-Cats twice this season and yet are ranked ahead of them. Does that make sense?

Furtermore the Argos have the worst offence and worst defence in the league. To me they should be ranked last.

What do you guys think?

What has Saskatchewan accomplished the past two games to retain their number one spot?

LOL (Last updated: August 18th)Maybe wait a couple of days

Not that it matters this could be what it may look like soon. Sportsnets power rankings:


it really looks like its based off of who won the previous week and by what kind of margin. the bombers beat the ti-cats by 13. therefor got moved up higher. and the argos got outscored by 18 on the als. so based of alst week. the bombers have the win colom addition to move them above the other 2 lower ranked teams in the east who both lost. but because the argos still have the higher record after ebing killed by the ti-cats twice they sit ahead because of a better record overall.

thats my opinion on how 6-8 got ranked this week