TSN Power Rankings

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Not a bad take on things, what do you think ? Maybe Wpg ahead of Montreal and Calgary ahead of the Argos ?

....definitely Calgary ahead of the Argos (how do you like that , my son)...it's a toss up between the Als. and Bombers for second overall in the power rankings..otherwise pretty close... :smiley:

power rankings b4 any pre-season games?....i'd wait for after the pre-season b4 even attempting to rank teams.

I dont think you can judge them on the pre-season games either. A lot of evaluation will be going on, as teams look to see who can play and who can't play.

In the past, TSN rankings tend to be subjective and based on latest performance. When used to predict future performance, results tend to be mixed and not better than overall points which look at the big picture.

i dont think points always tell the whole story....example, last year the Als started the year beating up on the ticats and bombers over and over and padded thier points, which suggested they were way better than they were....but once they met real competiion, they lost 6 straight...so i find, points can be deceiving.

Now why, before the first kickoff of the season would you place anyone ahead of anyone else?

Even after the pre-season its meaningless. At least half of the vets wont play

Note: Power Rankings are produced using a formula that takes into account a compilation of invidual player grades. Grades take into account statistical production, big games and level of competition. The grades also take into account which players are in the lineup to replace those who are out due to injury and are intended to reflect which team would win a game on a neutral field. Rankings Posted: June 8.

If you would like to voice your opinion regarding the CFL, rankings or otherwise, please e-mail Scott Cullen at scullen@tsn.ca.

Well why not use the formula and spare us the 6 months it takes for the Grey Cup to be decided? :wink:

Ew what a cliche statement. Power rankings are fun and are meant to say where teams stand in comparisson to one another at the time they are published.

All that aside publishing them now makes little to no sense they basically seem to be based on where the team finished last year

then why pay attention to the standings, since they change from week-to-week also?

much like standings, power rankings are a reflection of where the teams are in the 'now'.

and since teams havent played a game yet, power rankings, much like standings, mean squat as of 'now'.

power rankings now is kind of a joke.

Call them preseason predictions...ok...sorta

Maybe its because the power rankings are completely ridiculous.
The quote that was posted said it uses a formula but if you ask me that formula is opinion and bias.

Every week when they are posted, people disagree with it because in their opinion their team is better than where this formula placed them.

When you come right down to it, what is it good for? The season decides the playoffs, the playoff decides the Grey Cup. IMO the power rankings meaningless.

Not quite , maybe trade Calgary's spot with Winnipeg would be more like it Or Winnipeg just behind Saskatchewan . But into #2?? :roll:
Having said that power rankings before the season starts are a joke.

Those Power Rankings are way out. Here's the way I see it: 100/100 = perfect.

BC Lions - 96
Calgary - 91
Edmonton - 89
Montreal - 87
Toronto - 86
Sask - 85
Winnipeg - 84
Hamilton - 81

This is based on-paper proven CFL power, QBing, receivers, O-line, Defence... not on potential or college press clippings. If Wpg and Sask prove it on the field, they will move up. Edm has power due to R. Ray who will pass for 5-6,000 yds if he can stay vertical. Tor, Sask & Wpg come up short in that dept. I'd rate BC higher, but I risk being mocked. Other than finding a better rush end than last year, where is their weakness?

So you place the team that didn't make the playoffs last year ahead of 4 teams that did.
One of them even played in the Grey Cup?

No offence invader but you just helped me show why power rankings are meaningless.

lol, :lol:

Power rankings are fun because they give us ammo for arguments. They don't really have much to do with reality, and when they do, it's only because they're stating the blindingly obvious (uh, who knew that B.C. was the top team last year?). But they're still fun.

Exactly, how the heck else are the bookies supposed to come up with the odds ? :wink:

itll be winnipeg or montreal in the east IMO. calgary should be ahead of the argos, and if certain rooks step up in sask, then edmonton will be last again in the west, itll be interesting watching these to teams. everyone agrees BC is on top, you cant deny it.

i hate it when ppl sell Glenn short, if you knew anything about the bombers, you would know Glenn is a good QB. hes had darn near the worst group of recievers since hes been here and still manages to put up numbers and in last years case wins. this season will be different as he actually has a rec. group thats in the top half of the league. hes also had to work with a different scheme every year, but still picks up on it. brad banks, everyone thought was a teal of the dispersal draft and would turn out to be a star one day, yet after a full season in this system, hes still having enormus amounts of trouble figuring it out. none of the back ups can manage it. but Glenn managed to pull it off with only 2 recievers in the top 25, Chris being all the way down to number 21.

Chris cant get it done in the number one or two spot. he needs good recievers to take the good coverage away so he can get open against the weaker coverage or one on ones. which will happen this season because of milt and DA. ho knows, looks like edwards mccord or AJ3 have what it takes to kick him off the team anyway. hes to inconsistant... the only good thing i had to say about him last season was that he had a knack to step up in the red zone(probably because everyone was focusing on Milt)

and when we had milt and DA in the ame line up, he threw 6 tds and 0 interceptions dow the stretch. and his 9-5 record is a 64% winning percentage, which would have equalled out to be 11-7 last season. hes only getting better and better.

even if for some reason he doesnt coninue to improve, were pretty stacked at most positions and we would probably finish second in the east anywase.

probably 3rd best secondary behind BC and toronto
best defensive line

1st or 2 best RB, could be behind reynods

probably 4th maybe 5th best recieving corps.... behind calgary, BC and saskatchewan, possibly behind montreal

with jenkins hebert, barrin simnpson and edison, our linebackers would easily be top four this year. you can just tell jenkins and edison are the real deal watching them up against the vets

and a top 2 offensive line based on our aquisitions and having the leading rusher and second fewest sacks last season despit all the injuries. toss up between winnipeg and calgary. calgary allowed the second leading rusher on fewer attempts, and least sacks with a healthier line

special teams, AJ and dorsey for returner(dorsy will probably get cut). and with the new blocking rules flight 87 will be clear for take off on several occasions. hebert is a special teams DEMON, and graeme bell(if helathy) is pretty damn good himself racking up 20 tackles last season. mckinlays also capable of a good 15-20 tackle season when hes not used as much in defence(which he wont be this season due to the talent level of other backers) as he had one in 2005. adrian baird also had 12 last season

punting, chris beckman is solid, hitting them inside the 20 conistantly, 45 yard average and great hang time. pat flemming is also doing well with around a 45 yard average, not as much hangtime though and i doubt his placement is as good as beckmans. but hes a non import.

arjei franklin and oneil wilon are crushing thus far, quenton is showing his worth in scrimages. blair atkinson also NI is showing off as well. any way we go, we have more then enough talent.

if Glenn gets injured again this season however, i believe montreal will take first place. but if he stays healthy(big if) i wouldnt be suprised one bit if he got the eastern all star award over anthony this season. actually im pretty sure it will happen

you may think im crazy, but after watching camp, and all the research around the league and on the bombers ive done, i think the bombers are very capable of a 12-6 season. there is no way they should be 7th invader.

montreal is no doubt strong, and since they won the east last season are the team to beat, so i wouldnt put winnipeg ahead of them yet. and if glenn doesnt do what i think he will montreal will come out on top.

the only thing id switch about those rankings is calgary and toronto.

you guys forget schultz has an unbias opinion, unlike fans of there respective temas(including myself... i may be blinded but this is simply my opinion), or those who hate certain teams.