TSN Power Rankings #4

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Four weeks into the 2008 season, the Saskatchewan Roughriders remain on top of the CFL on TSN Power Rankings.

The defending Grey Cup champions have made a steady climb up the rankings after going through numerous changes in the offseason. But new head coach Ken Miller has guided the Riders to their first 4-0 start since 1970.

With Marcus Crandell sidelined with a hamstring injury, Darian Durant has stepped up and made a case to be the starter. Durant threw for 349 yards and three touchdowns in 41-33 win over the East Division-leading Montreal Alouettes.

"When I see the kid play, I don't see an inexperienced quarterback," said CFL on TSN analyst Matt Dunigan. "I see a veteran who is leading with poise and maturity. He doesn't panic and he makes plays with his legs."

With the loss, the Alouettes dropped from the third position to fourth in the rankings.

The Calgary Stampeders held on to second place after a convincing 43-16 victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Thursday.

Quarterback Henry Burris threw for 345 yards and two touchdowns while running back Joffrey Reynolds ran for three majors.

"What I like about the Stampeders is their wonderful absence of complacency," said CFL on TSN analyst Chris Schultz. "They start the third quarter like a team should start the first quarter. As long as they have that kind of purpose and intensity starting each half, they will win a lot of games."

As a result of their emotional victory over the struggling Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Wendy's Friday Night Football, the B.C. Lions moved up to third spot.

Trailing 18-11 going into the fourth quarter, the Lions scored 16 points to register the come-from-behind victory, highlighted by a 48-yard touchdown pass from Jarious Jackson to Geroy Simon. Paul McCallum chipped in with four filed goals.

The biggest mover up the charts was the Toronto Argonauts, that is if you call going from seventh to a share of fifth with the Edmonton Eskimos a big move.

Quarterback Kerry Joseph threw for 343 yards and one touchdown and rushed for another 118 yards and a major on the ground in a thrilling 35-31 win over the Eskimos. The TSN Turning Point was a 109-yard drive in the fourth quarter, culminating with Joseph's leap into the end zone for the winning score.

"When he saw an opening, he took off and got the first down," said CFL on TSN analyst Glen Suitor. "He didn't hook-slide very often and took the hits to get his team back in the win column."

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats dropped to seventh spot and for the second straight week, the Blue Bombers find themselves at the bottom of the rankings. Kevin Glenn's struggles continued against the Lions and head coach Doug Berry has decided to go with Ryan Dinwiddie as the starter next week. And it appears Barrin Simpson may be out for the rest of the regular season with a torn pectoral muscle. When it rains, it pours.

"I thought they were far more competitive than they've been in past weeks," said CFL on TSN analyst Jock Climie. "Offensively, they were pushing the ball down the field aggressively but they had some turnovers that I know Kevin Glenn would like to have back. Other than that, I thought they played a very solid football game under tough conditions." [/b]

[1] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)

[2] Calgary (Last Week: 2)

[3] B.C. (Last Week: 4)

[4] Montreal (Last Week: 3)

[T-5] Edmonton (Last Week: 5)

[T-5] Toronto (Last Week: 7)

[7] Hamilton (Last Week: 6)

[8] Winnipeg (Last Week: 8)

I'd agree with that. The red and the green better watch out though. The D is probably the best in the league, and if Jarious can just get his stuff together a bit more you guys will be in trouble.

The west is turning out to be quite the dogfight, it should be fun to watch as the season progresses.

"Toronto" Sports Network couldn't put Hamilton over the Argos, I guess.

I can't beleive the Lions go up a knotch after the Offense only played one quarter last week. Hmmm, did I miss an announcement that Cam Wake or Brent Johnson are playing Quarterback?

Montreal should still be ranked higher in my books. They are ranking the Lions based upon how good they were last year, not based upon beating the worst team in the league for their only two wins. Maybe the Lions have turned it around, or maybe they played an awful team, but they deserve 4th or 5th in my opinion.

I don't mean that as a shot to the team, but both Montreal and BC have lost to the same teams and in my opinion Montreal has looked much better in doing so.

I agree with you, but I guess they're going by wins also. BC won this week, and Montreal lost. That's the only reason I can think of.

Who has Montreal beat. Oh yeah, they beat Hamilton in the first game followed by the same team BC just beat twice. Montreal is ranked where they should be.

4 through 7 are definitely interchangeable on this list.

BC and Mont have both lost to Cal and SASK, but montreal played them both tougher, lost by less pts.

They both beat winnipeg, Montreal beat them in one game by 14 pts, BC beat them in two games by average of 13.5 pts per game. Plus Montreal beat a somewhat better hamilton team by more pts than BC ever beat winnipeg.

Anyway you look at it, Montreal comes out ahead.

Now that's as objective an analysis as one is ever going to see (not that I care about power rankings). Good post FYB.

Power rankings are subjective. 4 games aren't indicative of 18 games season. Still, TSN rankings appear reasonable. BC should be ranked ahead of Montreal because these teams are going in opposite directions in recent weeks. Also BC should beat Montreal at Vancouver.

Also BC should beat Montreal at Vancouver.
when that happens, they will have earned higher ranking. Not until then. The fact that bc won the last two and montreal did not, is only reflective of their opponants.

Montreal hasn't won in BC Place since 2000.

Which means exactly what? It sure doesn't mean that Montreal won't win in BC this time around.

It means that BC owns Montreal, especially in Vancouver. I wouldn't bet against the Lions this week.

Just giving all of you betters some tips.

...it does in RLR's world, because the past is where it happens....as long as that stat is skewed to the Lions favour of course...RLR is quick to point out that Calgary's record against BC in the last 12 or 13 or so games played is like 3-9-1 or something like that....this is a big deal to him...but expand that record to the last 40 or so games played and the record is 18-20-1....but that's not such a big deal...

...bettors...unless of course you're refering to a heirarchal placement...


hi·er·arch Audio Help /?ha???r?rk, ?ha?r?rk/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[hahy-uh-rahrk, hahy-rahrk] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
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[Origin: 1480–90; < ML hierarcha < Gk hierárchés steward of sacred rites, equiv. to hier- hier- + -archés -arch]

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hi·er·ar·chal, adjective

...touche, somewhat, mine was correct, not your version, and was a simple spelling mistake, whereas yours also had a meaning mistake....pretty trivial to argue this crap....done?...done...

Okay, you two have lost me now.

Wheres the teacher?

Jm, what are they talking about?

You both need to sit in the corner for a while.