TSN Power ranking

Well, we made ti to 3rd.


The latest edition of the CFL Power Rankings has been released and the standings are virtually unchanged from last week as the Montreal Alouettes remain in the number one slot despite a Week 17 loss.

The only movement this week was achieved by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats who leapfrogged the Saskatchewan Roughriders for third overall after securing a home playoff game on Friday in a huge victory over the aforementioned Als.

The Calgary Stampeders remained firmly entrenched in the second spot even though they were handed a loss at home by the B.C. Lions.

The Toronto Argonauts stay in the fifth position after clinching the team's first post-season appearance since 2007 with a 27-8 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Despite posting perhaps their biggest victory of the season over the Riders, the Eskimos were unable to climb in our rankings and are stuck in the sixth slot.

The Lions and the Bombers continue to languish in the final two spots of the rankings.

Although I did not now we secured a home playoff game.

The people putting the TSN Power Ranking together haven't figured out the difference between power and momentum.

Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan had power at the beginning of the season, accelerating out in front of the rest. Saskatchewan blew their engine a few weeks back and have fallen back of the other two. Both Montreal and Calgary have now either taken their foot off the accelerator or run out of gas - we'll find out which in the playoffs - and are now moving solely on momentum.

Hamilton, on the other hand, stalled out at the start line. But since restarting their engine (and a splash more gas in Jimenez and Baggs), they are now under full power, have caught Saskatchewan, and are closing on the lead pair. We can't catch them this lap, but in the final lap, the playoffs, who knows.

At least TSN's rankings are slightly better than the CFL's joke.

I haven't figured out momentum either. How do you quantify it in the context of football? In physics, momentum is mass times velocity, but I can't figure out what the football analogues of these are.

Actually we have secured a playoff spot, not a home playoff game. We will do that once either the Blew team loses one of their 2 remaining games or we win one of our 2 remaining games. You'd think TSN would know this. :roll:

Why am I not surprised at this comment from you? :smiley:

Mass would be points so far in the standings
Velocity would be one game per week, same for all teams (except during the bye weeks, but I take that as within tolerance)

How's that for a analogical stretch?