TSN Power Ranking

This is where TSN has us ranked going into the regular season


Any thoughts?

Right where I like them. They were underdogs last year and look what they did! They are already perceived as underdogs this year so I have no problem with that.

Apart from that, the rankings are laughable, IMO.

OMG!!! They placed us behind Edmonton LOL!!!!! We are the defending Grey Cup champs. I don't care if we lost our QB HC and our best defensive playing. Who put the rankings together? I would like to give him/her a piece of my mind!!

rofl ok so we raped BC last week without a handful of our starters, BC was also lacking but they had full power at QB still... hmm yep 7th place for sure, better watch out for the eskies tonight, judging by these rankings were in for an ole fasioned *** whopping.

Pre season really means very little. Just like right now when Edmonton is handing it to us.

gotta love... err loath the power rankings... I usually disagree or see many discrepancies with them. HOWEVER I do like being near the bottom of the barrel so that when we come out guns a blazin' it'll be like who are these magically talented guys in green n' white ?