If the CFL returns to Ottawa do you think it will succeed? GO VOTE its currently %40 yes %60 no

I think it basically shows that most of the people that have voted have little knowledge of the financial state of the league or the ownership group that Ottawa is bringing in.

I voted yes.

I think it basically shows that most of the people that have voted have little knowledge of the financial state of the league or the ownership group that Ottawa is bringing in.

I voted no.

With the team and realestate and the 67s all linked together and the salary management system I dont think it couldnt work, looks like a no brainer that it will be successful.

Not to mention the new TV deal kicking in next year that provides each team with more revenue.

I'd like to hear someone from the other side of the equation state why they think it will fail, because right now I think people just didn't think before they voted.

I can't see it happening at all if the right plan isn't in place and there isn't enough cash around to keep the franchise afloat for decades.

I voted yes.

I can't seem to find the poll, but i largely find these useless anyway. Besides, you know how I'd vote. :wink:

I'll say this: If it comes to pass as scripted and these guys CAN'T pull it off, then I'll give up forever. I can't think of a better fit, unless the real estate guys are treating it like a necessary evil to get their way. But if that were the case I doubt Hunt would be associated with them.

They won't put the team there again unless they're 99% sure it'll work. They know if it fails again that market will be ruined forever. If they do it, it will succeed.

The success of a return to Ottawa is how many fans come back and support the team. They are going to sink a lot of money into bringing back a franchise there, Im not so sure that enough fans will turn up to give a return on the owners' investment.

I think the league is headed in a direction where the difference between making a profit and losing money isn’t based entirely on gate receipts anymore.

Sure it helps but I think 20,000 average would break even for them.

If this all comes to pass, Sambo, I'll make a friendly, long-term wager with you over it. Once stadium capacity is determined, we'll set an amount to aim for. The loser buys the winner a beer or what-not. Sooner or later I'd make my way to a Saskatchewan game anyway. :thup:

Where are Going to Half Stadium is unfit for use.

we don't need ottawa.

I voted NO..


Did you only post half a sentence to make your point?

The stadium would be rebuilt, and temporary seating installed if the job's not done by the time the team was to take the field. All this has been taken into account already and is a non-factor.

I'm not surprised at the results. But I say yes. Really it's up to Ottawa, it's there last chance. Make it happen. All you need is corporate sponsorship and 40 000 people in a city 1,1 million to make it work.

I bet 25,000 fans per game turns a profit for the team assuming the city isn't still gouging them on rent.

Isn't the bottom line the fact that the fans were'nt showing up the last two times a team was there?

All teams have gone through attendance slumps - losing has a lot, but not everything, to do with it.

For example, the Lions in 2001 averaged only 19,856 per game. The franchise was a loser and had lost the owner $14M since he purchased it (The Water Boy, Bob Ackles, p17). So far this year they're averaging around 32K per game.

So attendance can be turned around. With good management and player recruiting, optimism and a winning attitude, and dare I say a decent, clean, convenient stadium, fans will come. It has to be a long term plan though. If there is any inkling whatsoever that the franchise is in any way crippled or mismanaged, the fans will stay away in droves. Relatively few want to be associated with a loser in its death throws.

Ottawa can succeed, but it has to be a long-term proposition and the owners MUST be prepared to lose money for an indefinite period of time until they can produce a winning club. They absolutely must hire top quality people and pay them what their peers in the CFL make, then hang on for as long as it takes to produce a winner. And it MUST be about winning - not about nickels and dimes.

Not surprisingly, I found this to be a great post.

I asked someone here the other day a very simple question: If 18,500 in attendance is so poor to cause a team to fold, then why hasn't the entire East (and BC) folded? Every Eastern team has been below that amount, Montreal was at HALF that in the mid-90's.

The difference is commitment by ownership. I read recently that Wettenhall has lost 10M with the Als. So why haven't they folded? Because he's willing to see it through. He's a committed owner.

Agreed CRF.

You know I really believe that it is so absolutely thrilling and addicting to win, that most owners, and their team by extension, will do whatever it takes to win and to keep winning. Winning the Grey Cup has to be for all who have done it one of the greatest and most satisfying accomplishments in their lives. Not only because it offers a measure of immortality, but because it is so incredibly hard to do.

There is no good reason an owner will hang in there year after money losing year if the eventual pay off, emotional or otherwise, isn't HUGE.

That's how the owners in Ottawa need to feel. They have to have that fire in the belly that drives them to WIN, at any cost. When the fans see this commitment to winning, they'll eventually support the team.

While Salaries are the single largest expenses for a team. In the CFL they account for what less then 40% of the total expenses for the team. So while SMS will help out some it will not be the answer to keeping a team in Ottawa.

If anything the last Ottawa experiment has shown, the team must be in it for the long term. That means the owners must be in it for the long term. Personally, the only way to get the owners into for the long term is to get them to put up a big performance bond say $5 to $6 million which starts getting repaid at a rate of $500K after 10 years. The league would have a team in ottawa for 20 years or so.