TSN POLL- WHO will win the Grey Cup

its totally unscientific...and will certainly annoy some diehard western fans and those masquerading as football fans out of winnipeg--thats is, if you stay loyal to the cause.
go to TSN CFL and cast your vote as to who will win the grey cup this year... think hard now...
theres no need to be accurate. *hint oskie wee wee

why? i ve noticed over the years how certain team's fans who go to TSN stack the house for their favorite/s
and after all its about loyalty not accuracy

this could prove interesting...

Well then I am voting for the Shreveport Pirates.

They have been bad for a while, but I think they are due. I knew once that strip of artificial turf that was needed to extend the field to the proper width settled down, they would be golden!

Billy Joe Tolliver 4 life!

Wait, what?

  • paul

lol notice how SSK is so highly rated over EDM, yet EDM smacked them hard yesterday. Just goes to show, the polls are based on team fan boi's not knowledge. Personally, I voted EDM to win it all this year.

and joe montford played for them too, ah do believe.

interesting aside... The Pirates averaged a respectable 17,871 fans per game with a high of 32,011 for their victory over the Ottawa Rough Riders.

The problems continued off the field as the Gliebermans tried to relocate the team to Norfolk, Virginia but the deal fell through. Notable about the move to Virginia was "the Great Tucker Caper" when the City of Shreveport tried to seize Bernard Glieberman's 1948 Tucker (which was on loan to a classic automobile museum in downtown Shreveport) for defaulting on debts related to the Pirates' lease at Independence Stadium. Glieberman's lawyer, Mark Gilliam, tried to escape with the car and hide the vintage auto, but he ran out of gas along the way. The police spotted him, and took the car back to the museum where it was being stored until the case could be settled. Norfolk wasn't interested in the team in any event due to the Gliebermans' poor business record. The

So True. They should append a disclaimer at the bottom of the survey that says:

"If you are a biased douche bag, then don't participate in this survey".

It pains me to say it because I love the CFL more than the NFL, however, I find NFL fans tend to give honest, non-biased votes when asked which team they will win the superbowl. Which is good. Makes the poll interesting.

I wish they would make the polls a little more robust. They could pin-point your geographical location based on IP address and break the poll down by provinces from where each vote came from. This will tell us where all those Rider votes are coming from :wink:
I bet I can guess :smiley:

haha ur alright for an agros fan
-respect- :thup:

I really have to go with whoever has the most points at the end of the Grey Cup game. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are so conventional.

Everybody will probably disagree. I could see Montreal winning. Plus, then Anthony can retire!..Right?

I could not agree more.

im going with the team the refs bet on jk

I predict david braleys team will win, any of the many he owns.