TSN Poll: Should the Tiger-Cats make changes at QB or coach

The choices are:

[i]Replace Kevin Glenn

Replace Marcel Bellefeuille

Replace both

Stick with both.[/i]

I voted for stick with both, and that's the leading response so far with 51.3% of the vote.

You can find it if you scroll to the middle of this web page: http://tsn.ca/cfl/

If there was a quality QB floating around the league, the vote would be different. But there is not. Hopefully the scouts are looking. With our .500 coach, if he can't motivate the team and get above .500 by seasons end, he has to go.

You may be correct.
Another .500 team (or less) for a third year in a row voids any progression for a team with such talent unless Marcel can pull off big wins in the playoffs.

I actually like the guy, although he may lack the passion/intensity to motivate the crew. Hopefully he can rally the team down the stretch..

I am assuming that this would mean for next year
We obviously cannot make changes this year as there are no immediate replacements
Porter has regressed under this regime.
It is up to Coach Marcel if he is going to coach next year or not!
With the poor starts to the season twice now under Marcel and a lull at mid season, I feel he does not motivate the team, I don't think that is his forte in coaching.
He is not a disciplinarian and is not a details type coach IMHO.
When a team cannot match the opponents intensity and focus it will stand little chance of success.
All can change if Marcel turns this team around.
A football head coach has ultimate control over what happens on the field.
Personnel, play calling, schemes, game planning, practices,the only thing he doesn't control is execution of his plays.
Fumbles,missed blocks,dropped passes etc.
If Marcel cannot turn this team around and get the labour day team back I think he should be replaced for next year.

I’m not so sure you replace the coach again if they repeat as a .500 team.

There has been so much turnover over the last while, and Bellefeuille has two rookie co-ordinators under him that are no doubt learning leaps and bounds as the season unfolds. I’d be inclined to stick with everyone, but right now it’s two early to be having such hypothetical discussions.

Generally, I’ve liked what Jones and Chamblin have shown us so far, except for the recent two game slump of course.

I like Marcel, I really do, as a coach and as a front man for the team in the media spotlight, never seems to lose his cool and always seems to have the right answers.
That being said, I also think that Marcel has been outcoached too many times by some of the best coaches in the league. Countering strategies during the game appear to not be present most times. During the last Montreal game it seemed that every time a Montreal receiver caught the ball there was no defender within 5 or more yards. There never seemed in the entire game to be a strategy to overcome this. It also seemed that every time a Ticat caught the ball there were at least 2 or 3 Montreal defenders on top of him instantly. Again there seemed to be no response to the defensive coaching strategies.
I know that most of this is experience as a head coach but a great coach has to have the vision during the game and the foresight to counter what the opposition is doing. Marcel is a good coach, seems to motivate players to he level of his own competence but, sadly, that seems to be as far as he can get them.

If Glenn would attempt to run more, I'd be inlclined to stick with him. We loose so much more offensive potential production in this CFL specific game with this lack of dimension from a Glenn offence. He doesn't have to take big hits; just run for positive yards and slide early 4 or 5 times a game, when first and second looks/reads to recievers aren't there. The overall benefits of this needed dimension to our offence are soooooooooooooo obvious!!!!
To rely on Glenn's "big games" which seem to be occurring further and further apart, the odds as dictated by our the results over the last several years are not very good that we could win 3 playoff games in a row for the Cup.

Agreed completely!

i was excited to hear, over and over, as the season approached, how glenn was going to make an effort to run much more this year.

What happened to that plan?