TSN poll on who will win the 2010 GC

A sea of green has voted, time to put some red, white and blue to that poll, go vote :slight_smile:


Already voted, was already amused by homer Rider and (LOL) Bomber fans expecting their respective teams to go all the way. You know what, though? This suits me fine. Good teams don't talk about it, they ARE about it. Every year, I hear the same old thing:

We play in a weak division.
We're too old.
We're chokers.
Calvillo is going to decline.
We're overrated.
<insert team with .500 or worse record here> is going to ROOOOL!1!1!~

And every year, guess what happens? :lol:

Ah the usual west take, every year like you i hear the same, allways funny. Or awithout AC we would be nothing, blablabla.

It sure would be nice to see the Als take it again. I think they really got going as a team two years ago and it gelled last year. Can they do it again? I think they still have the same energy - if a few different team members ...
What are the stats on a team winning GC two years in a row....?

Montreal chokes in the Grey Cup? 2-5... just sayin. :lol:

Hey, I'm not saying we will win it this year. And I certainly wouldn't deny that we've come up short many times over the past decade. But the fact that more fans have voted for the Bombers in that retarded poll is, well, retarded. We're talking about a rebuilt team with a rookie head coach, a new OC and DC, a QB made of glass, and major questions on the defensive side of the ball, and THIS team is more likely to win it all than my Alouettes? The Bombers will be an improved team, no doubt, but predicting a Winnipeg Grey Cup win before we've played a down of meaningful football, when they're coming off a poor 2009 season, is just idiocy.

You'd think that as defending Grey Cup champions, we'd get a little respect, but apparently not.

Hey, I agree, I think it's ridiculous. I just couldn't help having a little fun. I think the Riders and the Als have done a good job of proving the doubters wrong every season.

Agreed. I just get irritated when fans can't separate themselves from their stupid home-team bias long enough to answer this kind of question in a meaningful manner. I voted for my Als because I truly do believe they have the best chance of winning the Grey Cup this year. They're a veteran team with lots of continuity and one of the best football minds in the game on the sidelines. That being said, I wouldn't have voted for them at the start of last season, and especially not at the start of the 2008 season, when they had a rookie HC completely new to the league, a new DC, and the O-line had gotten gang-banged the year before under Popp. But I get the feeling that some fans would vote for their team even if it was coming off an 0-18 season and its starting QB had less throwing accuracy than Michael Bishop.

Honestly, I voted for my Eskimos only because I knew the Riders would win in a landslide. :lol: If we could actually get an objective online poll, then I'd probably put a little more thought into how I vote.

Yeah that sums it up, the poll question really is, which team do you cheer for, ergo why I posted here to get a few Als fans to vote the homer vote :slight_smile:

these polls are pointless. its like most have said, its not who u feel has the best chance to win the grey cup, its what team do u cheer for.

rider fans tho, maaan, they are delushional folks, 3 years ago they were being bailed out by the govt and now they all think they are the class of the league. whats gonna happen when they start losing again?

i voted for the bombers only cuz thats the team i cheer for but reality tells me, that the team with the best chance of winning it all again are the als.. whats that old saying.. ric flair the wrestler used it.. to be the man u gotta beat the man, so until someone actually comes out there and beats the als.. they are the odds on favorites eventho repeating is very difficult to do.

wouldnt shock me if the als were back in the finals this season but it wouldnt shock me if it was 2 teams who noone expects to win.

thats the good thing about the cfl.. what u did last season doesnt matter... its an 8 team league, every team has a chance every year. i think thats what makes it so exciting too is.. u could finish 8-10 or 9-9 and get into the playoffs, go on a roll and win the cup.. bombers finished 14-4 one season, went to the final and lost to an 8-10 calgary team. its really a toss up.

Montreal Alouettes by far, they will do it again. :rockin: I've been a long time fan since 1981.
Living in Seattle,WA. Maybe one day a world bowl, Superbowl winner vs Grey cup winner.

Where in the heck would you have gotten that from???? 3 Years ago they sold out 90% of their tickets.

that was 10 years ago, they had a telethon, the entire cfl was in a bind.

rider fans are the most delushional in the league but u seem to have some competition this year from the ticat fans. seems to me one year of 500 football = BEST TEAM EVER. atleast sask has been succesful on the field for a few years now.

No, we're not saying we're the best team ever, just better than the Bombers! And the only reason we say that is because you talk crap about us, so we just give it right back.