TSN POLL - Is this the year the Tiger-Cats win the East ?

[b]Is this the year the Tiger-Cats win the East ?

Yes, the Alouttes can be had -

No, not enough improvements -

vote below ;[/b]


I voted yes. In particular, the change at offensive coordinator should allow the Cats to be a more innovative, less Etch-A-Sketched offensive club by scheme.

The Cobourne signing cannot be underestimated. With an OC that properly understands how to utilize halfbacks in the passing game, the Ticats should become more dynamic in red zone offense and overall ball control, IMHO.

If Baggs can find his groove in a Chamblin pressure-positive defensive approach, we will see more turnovers and a greater support for whatever secondary deficiencies remain apparent post-training camp. Williams has great wheels and will be a force at MLB given the right disguises in blitz schemes and delayed drops in coverage.

How the draft and free agency plays into restocking the Canadian depth depleted in the Tillman raids of February will also play a key role in this consideration.

TIme will tell. The Als' window of dominance is closable. We need to stop being the window cleaners for them and kick the glass in this time around. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


It's time to kick some glass!



A poll Rider fans can’t skew!!

I voted hell yeah!

I was going to vote in this poll, then realized I honestly can't make up my mind. I'm an Als fan, so I'm loathe to flat-out agree that Hamilton will win the East. On the other hand, I'm also a realist, and I believe that Hamilton will be a contender this season. I think it could go either way. And why doesn't that poll even mention the Argos winning the East as a possibility? Both Toronto and Hamilton finished 9-9 last season.

Much will depend on whether first-time coordinators Jones and Chamblin can hit the ground running. Both are great football minds, and I have little doubt that they will succeed in the long term, but a mini-slump at the start of the season could make it more difficult for the Cats to stay viable in the division race.

I guess my position is: I wouldn't at all be surprised to see either team win the East. :slight_smile:

It is very possible TC23 that we will take the East. I'm still gald we have a team to call our own>

DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF TC23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

Voted no
I love to see us win the East …but Montreal still has AC
They plug in parts and keeping going .
so far we have not done anything to improve the Defense…
We over paid for a Running back IMO
Pick up a LB we did not need
CB who never shown much and lost a good one to Calgary

The season hasn't even started and you're this defeatist?