TSN Poll: IS Milt the best ever?

I am a little perplexed that on TSN's website, Milt Stegall only has a 69% yes vote for being the greatest receiver of all time. It should be 100%. Look at all the sucky teams he's been on and all the different sucky QB's he has caught TD passes from. He is the best, no question about it.

Its never cut and dry as to whom is the best anything.

Stegall passed Pitts last night but it took him almost 3 more seasons to do it.... On the other hand it took Stegall 126 less catches to do it!

Pitts helped his team win 2 Grey Cups but Milts never won one.

Sorry but you will never get a 100% result for who is the greatest anything

IMO in the CFL you can't judge who the best is at any position by stats because some players play a few years and others play their entire careers.

Ex: I would consider Warren Moon one of the best to play in the CFL even though it was only for what 4-5 years. While Damon Allen plays for ever in the CFL and is considered the best? I don't know about u but i'd take a Warren Moon in his prime over a Damon Allen in his...Just my opinion though

An unbiased viewpoint? I believe that there are few athletes from all sports that will get a close to 100% vote, but there are a few who would get a fairly high number:

  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Wayne Gretzky
  3. Michael Jordan
  4. Muhammad Ali

You could even make a case for Bobby Orr in hockey and Mike Tyson in boxing. Pitts and Stegall are great recievers in their own right.

Gretzky.... EVERYONE knows that it's ORR!!!

*Unless you think that it's Howe and you're 15 years older than me.... or you're 25 years older and say Richard or Harvey... or just a contrarian and base it on points per game and say Lemieux... and this doesn't even factor in goalies.

Exactly mark.. you can make a case for any great athlete to say that he is the greatest.. I'm surprised that Milt got close to 70%.. I guess those Bomber fans skewed another poll in their favour... :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stegall is good, but to say greatest ever lol, not even, i appreciatte his great play over the years, but i've enjoyed watching others more then him, i don't think he was a real exciting player to watch, i have enjoyed watchers others alot more, to bad no cup though. and very lousey last year in his career.

Nah, Saskatchewan fans mistakenly thought it was another Roughrider poll.

You have no basis as a SSK fan to dig on teams fans for jacking a poll, you guys are NOTORIOUS for it.

I agree with no one will ever receive 100% but
Honestly you can't really compare how many season because in Stegall tendor he was in the NFL for part of a few seasons early in his career. also something you didn't bring up aswell Stegall broke Pitts record in 1 less game it took stegall 175 games to reach the mark and it took pitts 176.

I can't see how u can bring the Grey Cup rings up look who Pitts had throwing the ball to him compared to Stegall. Stegall's never had an amazing QB with him unless you want to count Khari but even then its nothing compared to a Flutie or Garcia etc.

I love Stegall "the touchdown Regal". For now he is the greatest receiver off all time. Pitts racked up a lot of yards against expansion teams. If you look back on the numbers when Las Vegas, Shreveport, San Anotnio, Birmingham and Sacramento were around some guys put up some unreal numbers and scores got out of hand. Pitts was good but his stats are padded with too many creampuff games.

When, not if, Geroy beats their receiving yards numbers he will be the greatest of all time hands down. Geroy only needs about 3,500 yards and he's only 33.

I dont see how the NFL years makes a difference. It still took Stegal more seasons in the CFL than Pitt!

No I didnt mention that but I did mention that it took 126 less catches

Its just something esle to consider

1994 was the year of expansion and also led to the following records. He also got to cherry pcik 1995. Stegall meanwhile was in the NFL.

Most catches in a season: 126 - Allen Pitts, Calgary (1994)

Most yards in a season: 2,036 - Allen Pitts, Calgary (1994)

Most 100 yard games in season: 11 - Allen Pitts, Calgary (1994)

Did you hear a big WHOOSH above your head when you typed this response....?

Simon won't break the record he's to much of a band aid, he won't play the years Stegall will

I do now haha. :oops:

For some reason this thread makes me think of this:

Just call him one of the greatest and leave it at that.

There have been MANY tremendous receivers in the CFL over the last 50 years. Who can honestly say they saw and remember them all?

In terms of stats, Stegall is certainly brilliant — and he seems to have the character and personality to match. Those qualities put him in the upper echelon of greatness for sure. He likely won’t be forgotten as easily as say, Brian Kelly or Tommy-Joe Coffee or several other greats.

I hope he gets hired by TSN or lands a coaching job with a CFL team after he hangs up the cleats. It would be great to see him stay in Canada and make a nice second career there.

and if Mervyn had spent his whole carreer in CFL, it would be Pitts who, Milt who.

Milt is good, not the best however. Using pitts as an example. Pitts retired when he could have played for a few more years.

To me Milt has just been hanging trying to break records and catch Pitts. I would have to give the nod to Pitts.

I think that Stegall is a great receiver, but he's not the best ever...

Pitts did more for his team than Stegall for his!