TSN Poll has us not making the playoffs again

This one TSN CFL Front page ....
Will the Tiger-Cats make the playoffs in 2009?

Yes - 42%

No - 58%


What do think will happen in 2009

I agree with the Poll

Playoffs will depend on the crossover, but I do predict (as I do every year...one of these times I'll be right!!) that the Argos will stumble and finish last in the east, thus putting the Cats in third.

The west is Stronger then us ... they will be a crossover.
This why the cross over has to go..
I really don't ever what to see a grey cup that has Calgary vs Edmonton in it.
THE CFL IS EAST VS WEST and should Say that way

The Argos are a train wreck right now.....but with the crossover the odds are stacked against the Cats. Can you really say that the current edition of the Cats is better than BC, Edmonton, Calgary or Sask?

The Cats have a lot of question marks..

Is Porter the Real thing?
Can KK find his old form?
Can Obie fill in the holes on both lines?
Can he get 2 or three receivers to play with Prechae?

If the answers to these questions are yes, the Cats may end up second and make the playoffs.
If the answer to 2 or three of them is no..well it looks like a 3-5 win season.

Happy Holidays to all!

Finishing second in the East is the Ticat ticket to the playoffs.

Geez..might as well not even play the games then.

Remember, FA hasnt happened yet. The draft hasnt happened yet. And 3/4 of the teams have new coaches in very important roles (HC or coordinators). Who knows whats going to happen next year at this point.

I must agree with the Poll.......There are too many question marks with this team. We need alot
of player changes ,then we need time to jell.
Don't expect much this year. I am waiting until next year to buy season's tickets.

I don't agree with the poll.

The cats will make the playoffs.

The Argos and Bombers are going to be retooling. I can see us fighting with Winnipeg for second.

As for the cross over, I like it because it adds excitement to the season and with such a small league the best teams should make it. I like East vs West but as long as the Grey Cup doesn't end up West vs West, it doesn't really bother me that much. The cross over team is at a major disadvantage, they have to travel across at least 1 time zone and play 2 away games in another time zone. The odds of them doing this aren't great.

I also thing that the Eskimos are good but not great. They have a combination of rookies and vets but I feel that they may need another 3-4 vets to compete more with Calgary and BC.

I've been hoping for the past few years that the Cats would become competitive and return to the postseason. I can't hope anymore. Too many holes to be filled on both sides of the ball. The team needs:

1 good rush end
1 good interior lineman
2 good O-linemen
1 solid possession receiver
1 linebacker

Can all those needs be filled by the start of the season? I doubt it.

Not to mention one defensive coordinator.

Preferably one with a clue.

Who cares?

The Gold and Black are coming back!!

I wouldn't bet a set of season's tickets on it!!!!!! but maybe in 2010.

It's hard to imagine us making the post season as we do need improvements in many areas.

Having said that the beauty of the CFL is that you can become a solid contender very quickly after suffering through playoff droughts.

In our case...the late 90's come to mind quite fondly.

so you would've been happy with the argos making the playoffs this year (2008) and maybe winning the grey cup if they happened to get hot. the best 6 teams should be in the playoffs!!!!1

Yes I would fine with it .. EAST VS WEST should always be the Grey Cup

This same polls had Montreal missing the playoffs last year.

Too many variables to make an educated guess at this point.

At this Point we are still Worst Team in League .
So right we have best shot at Drafting # 1 in 2010
I hope not but we’ll see

Polls............. That and 50 cents won't buy you a coffee.

Ahem. We took the series against the Stamps 2-1, and we split with the Lions. We were 5-5 against the West. I think we'll be find. I wouldn't be surprised to see us in second place in the West.

As for this poll... I suspect it's a "I'll believe it when I see it" sort of thing. For the last few years, analysts have gone on and on about how the Ti-Cats keep improving each year, yet we always see the same result.

I'd love to see a competitive team in Hamilton again... but I won't hold my breath.

Perhaps the Ti-Cats could win more than two games before talking about making the play-offs. As far as I can tell the East better get used to seeing a cross-over until expansion or the two Ontario teams get serious.