TSN poll during Rider/Bomber game

One of the answers to the TSN poll question last night was that both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg will not be in the playoffs.
With 9 teams in the league and 8 spots needing to be filled in the playoffs, can anyone explain to me how this is possible? I am definately missing something.

There was 4 options right? Sask In / Wpg Out. Wpg In / Sask Out. Both Make and
Both Miss. I thought it was 6 teams needed to fill the play-offs and 3 miss out. Like last year it was Winnipeg / Ottawa and Calgary that missed the play-offs.

Oh! I thought they would count the eastern and western semi-final games as part of the playoffs. I guess I better start paying more attention :slight_smile:

edit: looked back on the schedule from last year - and I get it now :oops: Thanks for the replies.

True dat......

I can't even find that god damn poll. I've looked around the whole site when they say, "Go to tsn.ca and vote now!"

I say both miss.

8 spots needing to be filled in the playoffs

There are only 6 spots needing to be filled in the playoffs.