TSN Playoff QB "Draft"

  1. BLM - Burris
  2. Adams - Sanchez
  3. Dane Evans - Stegal
  4. Collaros - Stegal
  5. Harris - Sanchez
  6. Fajardo - Burris

Sanchez is smoking something pretty intense if he thinks Adams has a better shot of hoisting the Cup than Evans or Fajardo. But God would I love to be proven wrong! ;D


Yeah, this “draft” was a bit misleading.

Actually Stegal picked Adams and Sanchez picked Evans.

The question posed was not which team has best shot but more " If you could take a QB to win a GC from this list to lead your team" kind of deal.

And once a guy was picked he was off the list.

Apologies … I assumed (huge mistake) that when they were picking in a sequence they would seat them in that same sequence not first-third-second.

Oh, that makes more sense! Would still take BLM, a proven Grey Cup winner, over Adams, but now I understand why he ranked so high.

Yeah BLM was taken ahead of them all, first overall. Once he was taken then he was not available.

I’m pretty sure all would take BLM which would make for poor TV.