TSN Players Poll results

Two Cats rated the fastest players!


Great, but the Cats should have won the top 3 spots for the Fastest Player:
Chris Williams
Marcus Thigpen
and Terry Grant (4.2 second 40 yard dash is why) :slight_smile:

If he had played a few more games, he probably would have gotten the votes and it would have been a sweep.

Thigpen was also runner up on threat to score from anywhere, and JJ was a distant second for hardest hitter. Not sure Dueces's "honour" of runner-up trash talker is really an honour or not.

Another reason we need a healthy Johnson on the field next week.
And I'm surprised Sticky Stala wasn't in the top three Best Hands category... :?

Proved it again today!

He's now scored this season on a catch, a run, and a MFG return. I say there's still time for him to match his 5-pack from last season! May need two games to do it - although, if gets it done in the first game, it would probably assure us of playing in the second.

Im all for having a healthy Johnson too.

I can assure you that my Johnson is healthy...