TSN Players of the month

They obviously have the same bozzos picking the player of the month awards as they do picking the power rankings. The only one they got right was Wes Cates. Picking 2 guys from the last place team is bad enough but choosing Dorsey over Jackson for special teams player is just crap. Can't these idiots understand that teams are kicking the ball away from Jackson rather than letting him get is hands on the ball is proof that the coaches in the league understand who the top guy is. Dorsey has put up some numbers but seriously he doesn't come close to the impact Jackson has had.

You know, if they did pick Dorsey over Jackson, then they really are out to lunch. I get the feeling Tristan Jackson is the Devin Hester of the CFL.

Not "if" they did pick Dorsey over Jackson.

Yeah, that's a total crock right there...

Team standing should not have any bearing on players of the week or Month

OK... Your point? :lol:

First off, they aren't TSN's players of the month they are the CFL's (as voted on by the Canadian Press)...

Cates is the obvious choice for Offensive Player of the Month. On the defensive side of the ball there are a few players to choose from... In terms of a last place team getting two selections is just sour grapes... The team may not be playing well as a unit, but that dosen't mean individual players can't be having good seasons. I think most would agree that Tristan Jackson should have gotten the nod over Dorsey, but is there anyone to compete with Paris for Canadian of the month? In my opinion a healthy Lumsden would have been the only other option.

Ah. Must have missed that comment.

Sounds to me like sour grapes on behalf of Edmonton....look at the stats....

Kick Number Yards Aver Longest TD
SMART, 27 709 26 91 1
SMITH, 32 648 20 38 0
DORSEY, 26 558 21 46 0
REID, 22 397 18 33 0
JACKSON,12 313 26 94 1
DORSEY, 34 428 12 0 1
JACKSON,29 368 12 0 1
SMART, 32 297 9 0 0
HOWELL, 30 257 8 0 0

Missed Field Goals
REID, 4 96 24 30
DORSEY, 2 94 47 63
JACKSON,1 64 64 64

Dorsey is first or second in the three types of returns. Jackson has 2nd, 3rd and 4th. While Jackson has one more return for touchdown then Dorsey. Dorsey's numbers speak for themselves. Hey if Edmonton wants to have other players field kickoff that is there choice.

I have an idea, heck lets vote for the Gordon for defensive player of the month. I mean clearly as safety, he isn't getting many interceptions and/or tackle so teams must not be throwing in his general direction. So he must be good.....