TSN Player Poll Questions

Asked by TSN of the players, and they were not allowed to name someone on their own team:

1 - Who is the most underrated player?
2 - Who is the hardest hitter?
3 - Who has the best hands?
4 - Who is the biggest scoring threat?
5 - Who is the fastest?
6 - Who has the strongest arm?
7 - Who is the nastiest?
8 - Who is the biggest ‘trash’ talker?
9- Who is the toughest?
10 - Who is the toughest to take down?
11 - Who would you start a franchise with?

What do you think …

Calvillo must have the best hands, have you seen his Dove commercial? :smiley:

Question # 6 from the opening post = Henry Burris :rockin: although I still say it’s D. Durrant