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Chris Williams is currently up against Brandon London.

In the semis, Jamall Johnson received a bye for his hit on Buck Pierce in the first game of the year.


Surprised Jock Clime went against his former team, and thought Williams had the better catch :slight_smile:

London's catch was rather impressive, but the concentration required by Chris to tip that ball to himself through the defenders arms, spin around and run backwards in order to grab the ball was amazing.

Now where else have I seen that running backwards after catching the ball? Oh right, "the non-catch".

Agreed.. C Williams got my vote

Williams has my vote!

It was difficult to vote for our guy due to the figure skating play by play guy who called it.

You didn't appreciate William's move being described as a triple axle, double Salchow combination? But he nailed the landing this time, and he did have rather impressive footwork. :smiley:

The Quarter Final round isn't fair because we will have to pick between Johnson's hit on Buck or William's catch. Both highly memorable plays.

I wonder if this is the result of a random selection or a deliberate decision to eliminate the chance of the final competition being between two plays from the same team.

Today, Thiggy is up against Larry Taylor, both for touchdowns off missed field goals. Tough choice, as they are very similar plays. The only thing that puts Thiggy ahead in my opinion is that he had tougher coverage to break through. Once Taylor beat the first guy, he then only had to beat McCallum. Thiggy, on the other hand, had to beat the first wave to the corner, and then had to cut right through the second wave. No idea how he did that.

Plus, he's a Ticat. 'Nuff said. :smiley:


Vote for Thiggy!!

Big rip-off. Notice how they didn't put the two Bombers against each other?

The other way to look at it is that we're guaranteed to get at least one of our plays into the semi-finals. And the Bombers could actually get shut out.

In other news.. Glass half full people can be really annoying lol. :lol:

Actually I hadn't thought of that. It's highly unlikely, but that would be nice.

OH, but when I say that.... :roll: :wink:

I'm actualy a glass is too big type of guy, but yeah.

with free refills, the glass is always full.

Better that than, "There's not enough water/beer/scotch/whatever. Hasn't been in years. No point in even trying to fill the glass. We should just drain the reservoir/keg/cask/whatever and start over." Sound familiar?

Williams vs Johnson right now!

Williams is leading with 56% of the vote.

This is a tough one, one great offensive play vs an amazing defensive blitz. Tough choice.

(I hope were going to blitz AC the way we did in Week 1).

No kidding, a tough choice. How did Pierce not see JJ coming at him? But I have to go with Williams on this one, as that catch was through the DB, while JJ had a clear path to Pierce.