TSN play of the year

They have Maurice Man's one handed catch from last week.


I was really hoping to see Johnson's 3rd down tackle on one of these. Guess they don't consider great plays by the defence to be great?

And it is unfortunate that Bruce's run through the defence for a TD was in the same pool as what will probably end up being the winner, Green's catch at the dead ball line. Picking between those two plays was difficult. And from watching all sixteen plays, I think those two should have gone head to head for the final.

Yes, wasn't that a thing of beauty ?!

Sure was. But as I added later to my original post, they don't seem to even consider great plays by the defence for Play of the Year.

And how did Dressler's TD catch even get into this competition? Let's see, use the official as a pick in order to get open, and then make a "how could he miss?" catch look impressive by falling down and rolling a few times. But then again, it's Saskatchewan, and we all know what happens when Saskatchewan fans see their players or team in an online poll. Lewis' play was much more impressive. Reminded me of Nelson on The Simpsons (Bart Star episode). Might have rivaled Bruce's TD catch and run? Nah.