TSN Play Of The Year - Vote Now

From TSN.ca:

[i]"TSN.ca has sifted through all 19 weeks of the CFL season and pulled out the most athletic catches, the best bone-crunching hits and the craziest jaw-dropping plays.

Now we need your help, the CFL fan, to crown the CFL Play of the Year Showdown champion. Over the next few weeks, TSN.ca will unveil the top 20 plays - 10 from the East Division and 10 from the West - and have you choose which play will ultimately become the CFL Play of the Year."[/i]

There are two Tiger-Cats plays up for voting this week -- Geoff Tisdale's "Co-Lateral Damage" and Arland Bruce III's "Black and Gold Magic"

Visit this link to vote: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/special/?id=11971

Had to vote for Cahoon.


Some spectacular catches in the clips, but I liked the Tisdale TD best…shows just how exciting CFL football gets!

Bruce gets my vote, he had the most athletic catch.
Doc 8)

The Tisdale TD.... absolutely the most exciting of the bunch!!!

Ben Cahoon

That Cahoon catch was ridiculous. As soon as it happened, we said it would be the play of the year. I hate Cahoon...lol.

I think Tissy and AB3 had great plays too. That one-handed catch was amazing. My vote had to go to Tisdale though.

My play of the year has to go to Bob O'Billovich..... As seen by a Ticat Fan :wink:

That play he did on the Argo's to "get Arland Bruce" :thup:

A close second would be the "signing of Kevin Glenn"!

All the rest are just moot points without these two plays! :lol:

Bruce gets my vote. :rockin:

It was a hard choice, Tisdale for me.