TSN Play Calling

I greatly enjoyed the play calling of Gord Miller and Matt Dunigan re Als/TiCats game today. They make an excellent team, have a great knowledge of the game and, greatly activate fan interest. I do home TSM will have them regularly.

Only problem is that Gord isn't a full time football play by play guy. He does hockey mostly.

Lots like him but TSN doesn't pay attention to their viewers.

I thought they were atrocious and clearly pro-Montreal. But since you have Als in your username, maybe that's why you liked them? For once I'd love to hear analysis that isn't 99% ballwashing.

yeah, right. Dunigan who has played for almost everyone EXCEPT montreal, is going to be pro Montreal, for what reason exactly???

Good question. Maybe they feel they have to pander to the big market (that NEVER happens in broadcasting, right?), or maybe he's just another media "AC" fanboy now. And hey, maybe they just don't like Hamilton? I don't have an answer as to why, but it was pretty clear to me that both guys in the booth were considerably more "positive" towards Montreal, and Gordo in particular harped on every negative stat he could find on the Ticats.

Really though, I like Dunnigan, but he gets too worked up in the booth, IMO. Keep him in the studio. A lot less wows, onomatopoeias, and cheesy nicknames. Okay, maybe not a lot less, but a bit less. :lol:

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If it is any consolation Rod Black is very pro Hamilton. I remember the labor day game he called he spent the whole game talking about Cobourne to the point of absurdity. I remember at one point he was talking about how the tiger cats did last year and to tie that into Cobourne he felt the need to explain to everyone that Cobourne didn't experience that because he was with the alouettes the year before as if players changing teams was some sort of a new phenomenon

Every play for Montreal was announced as a “thing of beauty” no matter what it was by Dunnigan

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Hey maybe just maybe they were?

Hard for me to notice that as an als fan but in that case youd probably get much fairer commentary if it was done by one of the regulars of the als forum because for us even if the als win there is still plenty to complain about

Hockey is the number one sport in Canada and most popular. TSN reflects that by putting Miller on it's primary hockey broadcasts ! I would say TSN is paying attention to it's viewers. I'm sure Miller needs a few days off from criss crossing North America as well.

Umm two words, Rod Black

Need I say more?

Rod Black needs to go , there has to be somebody better???????

Chris Shultz and Glen suitor can hardly contain their hate for the EE . I guess it's cause the EE would hand them there a@@@@ every week when they played.
I suppose most would do the same, given the opportunity .

I totally agree. Duningan and Miller are really good. Matt has the ability to analyze the game in a more intellectual way rather than just stating the obvious. Miller seems like a knowlegable football guy, I never really realized this.

Too bad they don't do more games. Miller is a also a fantastic hockey play by play, much like Chris Cuthbert.

I'd give anything to have TSN find some guys who have strong, masculine voices that are football savvy and are intelligent and focus more on the actual game.

we need to get some lessons from the NFL crews.

Rod Smith did that game last month when Black got the week off. He was terrific.

I don't give a damn about masculine voices. Holly Horton could probably do play by play.

that would never work.

you couldn't have a high pitched voice.

there was one guy who had like a lisp or something? cannot remember his name.. may have been with CBC. but he was so distracting and annoying when he'd talk during the game.

Imagine Elmer Fudd doing football games.

"and the Saskatchewan Woughwiders awe kicking off to the ToWonto Awgos..

Wicky Way pass the ball to Fwed Stamps!

Awland Bwuce with the kick Weturn fow a Touchdown!!


How about Natasha Staniszewski for a replacement for RB???? I'm sure she could call a half decent game......

My eyes would be very very happy as well 8)