TSN play by play- do they seem biased to you?

Is it just me, or do you Riders fans find it frustrating watching the games on TSN? I find the commentators completely biased against the Riders. They offer the minimum positive comments about our team, even when we are winning. I like the guys at the roundtable, but the play by play dudes need to remember that we are in first place and probably have the most fans in the league...

Let's merge this one with the Winnipeg fan who said the exact same thing when they played the Tabbies.

LOL>...........usually Winnipeg posters whine about how PRO-RIDER Suitor is. Now the Rider fans are complaining about how anti-Rider he is.

What a laugh.

Try watching the game and not hanging on everyword the commentators say.

Suitor has more problems trying to kiss the referees Butts now.

that was a terrible game on Sunday, yet he was like "they did pretty good"


I agree about Suitor. He definitely seems to have it in for Saskatchewan. I imagine that he tries to over compensate for his attachment to the Riders. What I really dislike about his coverage is the way he gushes about certain players - in particular one Henry Burris who can do no wrong in his eyes.

The TSN pre and half-time analysts are all knowledgeable and add to the value of the telecast. But I think they should scout out some new talent for the play by play teams. Besides Suitor's biases and slanted analyses I really don't need to hear many more of Rod Black's bad puns.

Although I was never a Suitor fan when he played for the Riders, I think he is pretty good at commentating for TSN. I think they could find someone to replace black though, Football and him just don't work.

I would take the tsn commentators over CBC any day.

If you really don't like them then use the MUTE button and listen to the radio.

I definitely find Rod Black the most annoying.

Not only is Rod Black exremely annoying he is, I find, the most biased especially for Edmonton. Plus he adds about as much colour to a game as his last name suggests.

Rod Black thinks he knows the game and tries to talk like he knows the game, but he really doesnt...

I'm glad you guys don't do my perfomrance evaluation for my work, I tell ya ...
When you give a negative comment, try giving a positive one as well - don't have to make things up, just find something honestly good to say as well, like Dusty and GoGreen did.

Does a bear...Unequivocally Yes! :lol:

I disagree with the Rod Black comment because he and former Saskatchewan Roughrider, Glen Suitor, are the only ones who know what they're talking about.

Remember when CBC went on strike and the only commentary was the announcer at the field. I liked it I dont need anyone to give me their opionion on what happening, I watch the game.

Are you kidding me? Have you heard Suitor. I suggest you go to the TSN site and replay last saturdays game.

That was saturday but your right about Suitor.

Now this is the funniest post I have ever heard. Tell me when the Riders were getting hammered what is it you would like Suitor to say about Henry. Well Henry is doing okay I suppose! Really your unbelievable.

Your completly right ridergrrl Im watching the Hamilton Calgary Game right now and the score is 17-9 calgary but the comentators are still drooling over Burris Yes he is a talented QB but im sorry I would like to hear other info in the game because apperently there is another team in the game. And yes im another rider complainer redandwhite2005