TSN pics us against Eskis

TSN's Schultz has us picked against Edmonton on Saturday night!

It's tough to be an Eskimo and good to be a Ticat right now. The way Hamilton won was as significant as the fact that they won. The Ticats beat a good Bomber team that had a quarterback in Kevin Glenn who completed 85% of his passes and still lost. It is tough not to pick the Eskimos as they are playing at home after the Calgary loss, but the Ticats looked more polished than I have seen them in a long time. If they can only control some of the controllable mistakes, Hamilton can make a move in the East. The first quarter will be important in this one. I like the Ticats in a bit of an upset. Hamilton 30, Edmonton 20.

Schultz Picks: Hamilton Tigercats


Damnit, that's all we need....

(Seriously, I almost liked it better when everyone thought the cats were the underdogs. Being favourites is a whole different kind of pressure, and you just have to hope the players don't buy into their own hype.)

I can't wait to see what others pics say ...

Never mind the other pics! Take the Ticats on proline LARGE!

It will be a big payday because the odds are already set before they knew about Gass and the oddsmakers will put a lot of weight on home field advantage!

Ticats should win this one LARGE! AND...get in early because they will cut off the betting if they are going to see too much downside to their odds!

So if I put in 100 G's what kind of profit do i get? lol

You lose 100 g's cause you still need to pick two other games. I agree though that i hate to see the Cats as faves. Damn Schultz don't jinx us.

In addition to all of the Eskimo injuries and the Gass suspension, the Eskimos' best receiver is Kamau Peterson. Do I need to say anything else?

Hamilton by 20 points.

i would say without Tucker their best receiver is Trevor Gaylor

Actually yes you do. Kamau has 28 catches for 301 yds and 4 TD's. That's not too shabby IMO.

who is that hack radley picking this week i wonder.

This guy has no game. He was the invisible man in Hamilton. I don't care what stats he has this year. Al Bundy need not worry about green and yellow 88.

Sorry, I will try not to cloud the issue with facts from here on out. :wink:

Great sarcasm borehamgirl! You might edge me out of the most sarcastic award :slight_smile:

I'm really trying to bring my A game Zen, you're a fierce competitor. :smiley:

I spent a bit of time on the esksfans.com last night, and the posters there seem uncharacteristically open to the idea that they may get schooled this weekend. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Speaking of KPeterson (who was, in my opinion, our best receiver for much of last season, although that isn't saying much), there was a big kerfuffle going on about whether professional football players wear jock straps or not, with AJ Gass's character resting on the outcome. Peterson chimed in to assure everyone that, no, they do not. Gass, at least in the eyes of some Esk faithful, has been vindicated. With the league, not so much.

“Most sarcastic” award: Borehamgirl

“Most overrated/invisible receiver” award: Kamau Peterson

“Wittiest comeback” award: ticatsackattack

Seriously, though, if Peterson is a difference-maker against the Ticats this Saturday, it will be one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

"Most Modest Poster" Ticatsackattack. :wink:

I think that Edmonton could be a good team... if they had a coach.

They could have and should have made the playoffs last year but their coach is useless.

I'd like to be a fly in the wall in their dressing room to see how much the players respect/disrespect Danny.

I think for the most part the players on offense respect Maccioca and the players on defense respect Kepley. I would be willing to bet that the players on defense do not respect Maccioca much.

I had predicted early in the year that Maccioca would be the first coach fired in the CFL this year.

I think Maccioca is a great offensive co-ordinator. I don't think he has shown me much to prove he will be a good head coach.

It's been hard for Hamilton receivers to look good over the last two years. We've had the receivers, we've just not been able to get the ball to them. Peterson was as good as anyone and he's proving it this year.