TSN Picks for Semi-Finals

Chris Schultz of TSN picks Hamilton and Saskatchewan to win, here is what Schultz says about tomorrows Al's and Ti-Cats game.

This one could go either way. Flip a coin and that may be as good a prediction as any well thought out analytical moment. You know what Montreal is going to do; crowd the tackle box, take CJ Gable out of the game and force you to win with precise downfield passes over the course of the game. And it makes sense as Henry Burris can be very good or very not-so-good at a given time. Logic says that when you consider that Burris has over 180 starts of CFL football and Troy Smith has three it's a big advantage for the Ticats. Still, Duron Carter and SJ Green are going to make their plays and the Als do have a wide receiver advantage. And I think back two weeks ago and if not for the Brandon Banks missed field goal attempt with 4:43 to go the Alouettes would have won that game. First down production is so key for Hamilton as second and long is when Montreal can let go and play exceptional aggressive defence. And Kent Austin knows that. Logic says Montreal wins this game but as logical as football is sometimes it is not relevant to playoff football. Hamilton by 3.

Here is the link to Chris Schultz of TSN http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/schultz/

GO CATS GO, Let's Eat the Al's RAW!!!

Damned with faint praise. Schultz has never been sold on HAM all year. Which is odd because he was much more optimistic about far, far worse HAM teams in recent years. Dislikes Austin, who knows ? As recently as LD he described HAM's process of finding the right players "wasnt even close" to developing a good team.

"If it weren't for Banks missed FG return for TD MTL would have won game." Like a big ST play is a fluke ?

If it were HAM giving up such a huge play late it would be a another sign of HAM's inability to put teams away.

I’m watching the TSN pregame and OMG how they praise Carter. Another story of his struggles thru school and his famous father. Makes me want to puke!!
TSN never has anything good to say about the Cats. I hope we show these idiots.
Now they are now talking about how to stop Montreal’s defense. Let’s see if anything positive is said.

Eat it Climie!

Hamilton by 3? Looks like they called that much right.

Schultz is probably pinning this one up on his wall. He's not right on his predictions very often, and even less is he bang on like he was this time. He even got the coin flip part right, if you can make the reference to OT.