TSN or RDS? SEE I told you so!

So do you prefer watching the ALs on RDS or TSN?

Okay RDS is nice cause they talk mostly about the Als, but TSN is just too good to pass up. The guys know there stuff (ex-players mostly) but they even got nominated for Gemini awards for best sports show (CFL on TSN).

Still not convinced... well check this out!

The Als play tonight in Hamilton.. 7:30pm.

The Habs are also playing at the same time... Bye Bye Als game on RDS until 10:30pm tonight!

So TSN it is!!!

Ohh and the big plus... if you haven't watched a game on TSN yet... tonight will be a great experience... it's FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL TONIGHT!!!! The theme song gives me shivers... like Monday Night Football used to do for me back in the days!

So Als fans.. enjoy TSN tonight... cause THEY care the most aabout CFL football and thats why the CFL is doing great for TV ratings!!

THANKS TSN!! From and Als fan!!

RDS is in freach, right?

No Kanga,

Its FRENCH!!!!

  • wanders away wondering why Kanga doesn't reread before posting

SORRY! RDS is in french, right?

Yes it is KK

Personnaly i dont care about the delay, i would have been pissed off to miss the hockey game. I'll just watch the Als game AFTER the hockey game. No big deal.

As for TSN over RDS, i wont argue, i watch both and like both. I can watch one quarter in french, one in english, etc... It just piss off my wife, but that's in-house politics :mrgreen:

Tonight's my father's birthday family supper. So I'm glad RDS runs the game at 22:30, otherwise I would have to miss it.

By the way, RDS is more than okay. Pierre Vercheval is way better than all the English colour commentators.

I agree Pierre Vercheval is excellent.
Before he came along RDS was terrible.
I remember one game (I hope I can explain this in writing.) The camera shows a measurement for a first down. The ball is a good 2 feet past the marker and one commentator Yells"OH NO we didn't get it!!!) The other comments calmly explains yes we did cause we are going in that direction. :roll:

I will be watching on TSN tonight!!!! Its Friday Night HIGH DEFF.

ro, I do remember that era. But I gotta admit I loved it!

In these days, the play-by-play guy was Pierre... Pierre something. His last name eludes me right now. And the colour commentator was Jacques Dussault (current University of Montreal head coach). But that Pierre guy was overly emotional. He would scream like he was watching the game with friends in the living room. And Dussault, who would remain calm and stoic even would a massive tree fell two inches from him, was the coldheaded guy. So their personnalities would not fit their roles at all. But Dussault being the knowledgeble guy of the two, he had to be there to explain the rammifications of plays and stuff.

I thought it was too funny because the Pierre guy would sometime go off because his emotions were trigggered: "Hey-hey-heyyyy!... they can't do that ! Ref, do something!"

And then Jacques Dussault would calmy bring him back "Pierre. That was okay because of this logical reason, etc."

I remember one game, the Als were deep in their own zone and were trailing by two points with about ten seconds to go. Then, Calvillo hooked with Cahoon for a deep bomb... Cahoon was catched upon as he was running down the field. It was clear he could not go for a touchdown because he would be reached by a defender, but he was in field goal range, and the play-by-play guy was just screaming "SORT! SORT EN TOUCHE! SOOOORT!!!" And Cahoon did stepped out of bound to stop the clock at 1 second. That Pierre guy had like a heart-attack on the play. lol...

I think he brought a lot to games. Not much in the insight department, but his enthousiasm sure was contagious.

Pierre Durivage ?? ask your dad he should know :wink:

IMHO, i’d rather watch the TSN feed rather than the RDS feed (OK, I only watch the cheerleader segment on RDS).

Even if Suither get sometimes to my nerves, I really enjoy the TSN panel, Dunnigan, Climie, Schultz and that other guy…

And you have that 1st down yellow bar…and I like to see myself in my 2 seconds of fame, when the Al’s promo hits the air…:wink:

Maybe i’m just used to it, i’d rather watch the TSN feed than RDS/RIS.

Virtual first down line is what the yellow line is called

the Als better CRUSH those westerners ( the riders )...protect the East finals!!!