TSN Opening Kickoff Doubleheader Thread (June 28)

I thought I would get this underway.

From the tsn.ca website:

"The defending Grey Cup champion B.C. Lions take on the Toronto Argonauts live on TSN Broadband today at 6:30 pm ET/3:30 pm PT. The second half of our double-header features Winnipeg at Edmonton starting at 9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT."

The Lions-Argos preview is up at http://tsn.ca/cfl/ .

Enjoy the games!

Oski Wee Wee,

Is it actually a 6.30 kickoff? How is anyone outside of the centre of Toronto supposed to get to Skydome/ Rogers…whatever…by kickoff.
I hope they are already on their way!

Anybody that actually enjoys going to the Rogers Centre for a game already loves to suffer. Why not throw in a traffic jam so they can enjoy the whole game day experience.

It makes sense for those who work in the city and can grab something to eat and go directly to the game without going home first or having to kill a couple of hours downtown. I'm sure they did some market research before this.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is 6.30 their start time all year during the week?
I don’t know…even if you work right there and finish at 5 pm your a bit rushed to have dinner and a few adult beverages before the game…

Defence all Defence so Far..

Although it's in the Skydome, thank God football's back!

Prefontaine Hurt on a Block Punt for a TD.
He out for now so argos are with out a Kicker.

7 BC TOR 1

There's no flow to this game at all, really boring football. I think i'm going to stop watching now and wait for the other game.

Maybe the defences will stop dominating in this league once the steroid testing is in place?

Keith Pelley president of the argos was on the fan 590 this morning and said tv was the reason for the early start to get the double header in and edmonton didnt want to start their game at 8pm edmonton time. also we have a game on a friday night at 6:30 i guess for the same reason, he also stated that the argos might look at 6pm starts next season for thursday night games. reason fans dont to go home after work then to the stadium and also get home sooner after the game

10-1 For BC at 3:00 Minute Warning

10-8 BC

BC Fumble a Punt and Argos Recover

Allen then Throws to Bruce for the Argo TD

1:53 Left BC Ball on there 38

Fight has broke out

Oshea Charged with Roughing the passer

Dickason Beats the blitz passes to jackson
1st Down BC

3 and 5 Lions have to kick for 3

TD Argos on the Missed Field Goal
Levingston Runs 129 Yards New League Record..


I've never liked McCallum.

Now there is just one more reason.

End of Half

BC 10 Argos 15

Don't you hate the Argos ,watching them ,what is it about them that makes me hate them ,I'm normally nice and easy going ....grrrr

They should eject players if they rough the passer twice in a game.