TSN On Demand

It looks like they've finally gone and ruined a good thing. CFL games on demand seem to now require that you be with Bell or Rogers to watch, so most of Hamilton/Burlington on Cogeco Cable is out of luck, as I'm sure are swathes of Quebec.

Almost all of western Canada and all of the USA and foreign countries are blocked out from watching CFL games online. There will be many disappointed football fans in every state, Mexico, Hong Kong and London who will no longer be able to watch their CFL games. :frowning:

Rogers cable is not available in my neighborhood, but even though I AM A ROGERS WIRELESS CUSTOMER since 2005 I cannot watch.

Figure that one out.

Very frustrating. I wish the CFL and TSN would reach a deal to sell the games. I'd pay $100 a year just to be able to watch the games (I already do for the NHL).

That said, my brother in Ottawa is a Bell customer and leant me his log in details and it works well. Might want to ask friends or family in Bell or Rogers parts of the country for their log in details?

Very disappointing, last year I was in Europe over the summer and I could go back to the hotel and watch TSN VOD on the internet. I wonder what the reasoning is to restrict the number of people watching?
I know ESPN does that with ESPN3 - it's not streamed over the internet for anyone to watch on the ESPN site, it's only available to people that subscribe to a certain internet provider.