TSN Not Treating CFL Like A Major Sport

The TSN website is pretty good for news. Rather that watch the b00b toob in anticipation of CFL news, the website provides an instantaneous fix.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that TSN is doing a great job of covering the CFL. Doubtless there are others like berezin/rick who hate nearly everything about TSN's coverage, but those people simply have an impossibly high satisfaction threshold.

Agreed! Just think it wasn't too long ago that we had to wait until Labor day before you would see an entire CFL game televised.

just be thankful that TSN covers the CFL.

Sportsnet seems to be all Jays and Raptors and Leafs.

the CFL hardly gets any attention on Sportsnet.

When you have Ted Rogers who owned Sportsnet so badly wanting the NFL in Canada, it's no surprise that his Sportsnet TV and Website could give a rats ass about the CFL.

Well put :thup:

What happened to the b00b posts???

...I deleted one of the posts, simply because it was a duplicate post. I left the other intact.

See. I got intelligent replies to this post. Probably from people who live in my area of the country and know what I'm talking about. Then I get the other side from the same old same olds who just don't get it. Is there nothing else to do in Saskatchewan then sit on this website all day? Just wondering.

There’s lots to do here…I just don’t wanna do it when it’s raining and my kids aren’t home.

Hey Berezin, we live in the same city (sadly). Did you read the Free Press? They had an article about the CFL today. I even posted it on this forum (not that you would've noticed since it wasn't about the CFL getting the shaft).

Yes, Chief, jm, Sportsmen, rpaege and I gave you the intelligent responses. You creat a new name, just to try to further your cause, and really, what a pathetic way to attempt to get your point across. The sky may be falling in your part of London, but in Chiefs part(and everywhere else), fans are enjoying the season and TSN’s coverage of it-- too bad you couldn’t, just for once, enjoy the games without the whining and crying. :roll: :roll:

Yeah Chief. The day after I emailed Dave Langford and asked him why the hell they don’t cover the CFL.

And likewise I am sure Chief.

Funny, he responds to Chief but missed this one.............gee I wonder why.......................

TSN does a great job of promoting the CFL, it's tough to constantly put CFL news on Sportscenter when there's only 4 games a week, but their website constantly has updates.

The funniest part of this thread is that berezin needed to create an alias to get someone to agree with him.

Gee, all you Roughrider fans should stick to your roughrider group.
You don't know squat what is going on outside of your little sparsley populated province.
This is a general topic area.
It is to discuss CFL issues.
You may not be able to understand that, but it is.
And not every topic has to include the Roughriders, does it?
Funny how you people think you run this board too.
HOpefully you are in no way associated with the CFL.
If you are, then you're giving the league a bad name and should be booted immediately.
Hopefully Cohen reads this.

I'm a Roughrider fan?

Are you lumping me with Sambo, Billysoup, jm02 and even



I'm hurt. I'm going to therapy now.

Fact is we have two Newpapers owned by the same parent company.

Vancouver Sun...Gives the CFL marginal coverage.
Vancouver Province.... Two great writers (Lowell Ulrich, Kent Gilchrist) give the Lions and the CFL terrific coverage. On Wednesday we get a very large section that gives updates on all eight teams.

But guess what, on Monday's and Tuesday's....there maybe is the odd paragraph about the CFL...why, because there are no games and really no news to report.

I look at TSN and Sportsnet in the same light. TSN is likened to the Vancouver Province.....Sportsnet is likened to the Vancouver Sun.

And I choose to read the Vancouver Province and watch TSN.

Can one of my Rider buddies tell me how a combine works? 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

I think you're right berezin. For the past two seasons it seemed to me that TSN and the CFL just don't like each other. TSN hardly promotes their coverage but the most telling evidence is on their web-sites. Any one who doesn't want to believe berezin just go try to find their links to each other. there was a time when half the CFL site was TSN links and then they were gone.
I've e-mailed TSN and the CFL about it but got NO reply. They didn't even try to bull me, just silence on the subject. Let's get to the bottom of this for our League's sake, is it a personality difference? Are they squabbling like children? Or is Rogers really trying to kill our Canadian Professional Football?
And why do you guys have to flame Berezin so bad? What if he's right? Seems to me if Roger's wanted a team in Ottawa it would have happened yesterday. Don't you want the best coverage? How about a CFL channel?
TSN and the CFL don't like each other, the proof is on the web sites in their conspicuous absence.
Thanks for bringing this up berezin, now how about a comment from the CFL or TSN? :twisted: :oops: :roll: :cowboy:

I have to disagree wth berezin. Its an 8 team league and there is only so much to report. TSN does an absolutely fantastic job with the CFL. My only beef is that the playoffs and Grey Cup are not carried on the mother network CTV for a larger audience where the SuperBowl is.

I find emailing doesn't make one iota of difference as well.
The mentality of the sports media in this country, especially in southern Ontario, is that outside of the NHL, all American leagues and events get priority coverage. Even though they have absolutely nothing to do with us.
Thats what confuses me.
Why we give so much coverage to sports from another country, while basically giving our sports second banana status.
And that has got to change.