TSN Not Treating CFL Like A Major Sport

I was listening to the Sportsnet sportcast while working on my computer, and for 20 minutes all they've talked about was the Blue Jays and baseball. Even though the Jays haven't played a game for two days, there was Blue Jays news.
Then I turn to TSN, the CFL's major carrier, and for half an hour they talked baseball and hockey and basketball, but not one mention of anything to do with the CFL.
First off, why is TSN promoting sports like baseball and basketball over the CFL, when they hardly show either?
And second, if Sportsnet, and TSN, can give constant news about the blue Jays, why can't TSN give us more CFL coverage outside of the usual game day stories and highlights? I mean if they can give us hockey news in July, how hard is it to give us CFL news during CFL season?
Especially when the CFL next to hockey is their bread and butter.
I don't know if its the fact TSN is too Hogtown centric or what, but to cover the CFL so shabbily for the millions of CFL fans across the country is something I find ridiculous.
Next TV deal Cohon should make sure the network that carries their games also treats them like a major Canadian sport.
Not just something thats shown when baseball isn't on.

Serious question here, berezin...do you ever actually talk about football itself, or do you just look for reasons to whine about how it's so hard done by?


I agree. I can't get any CFL news where I live in southern Ontario. If the network that shows the game doesn't give us news, who will?

"Yes" to which part of the question? If it's "yes" to talking about football, would you have a problem proving that on this forum on a consistent basis? All you've consistently done (that I've seen) is whine about how others see the league, and how it tarnishes its image. Once in a while is fine, but it seems it happens the majority of the times you post, and it's far too old after this long. People don't call you Chicken Little for nothing.

Oh, and by the way, I've never found TSN's football coverage to be lacking during the season.

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Really what do you and berezin want TSN to do? Do an all CFL broadcast on a non-game day? Do we really need to know when Mike Kelly, Pinball or Richie Hall spend 5 minutes in the john? Or every little detail about what happened at all the team practices? TSN treats the CFL just fine... when something is newsworthy, they will report on it or cover it. It seems that Chicken Little has found a follower... just let me know when you guys are finished crying "wolf"... :roll: :roll: :roll:

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All the networks are based in Toronto and I think they feed off one another on what to cover and what prominence they give each sport.

It is understandable that Rogers Sportsnet highlights the Blue Jays and NFL because they own their broadcast rights and make more money when more Canadians watch those sports. Rogers has a vested interest in promoting the NFL. The CFL is their direct competition and is standing in their way of maximizing NFL profits. There is little question that Rogers would like to destroy the Argos and CFL if possible. You only have to look at the giant graphic of Trent Edwards which adorns the entrance of skydome...and direct slap in the face for the Argos, one of the major tenants of the stadium.

When one or two networks, like Sportsnet and CBC, who go out of their way to snub or ignore the CFL, this affects the coverage from the other Toronto networks. Nobody covers the CFL, so their is no pressing need to boost their coverage to match the competition.

Of course, TSN gives the CFL the best coverage, but even there the CFL is often marginalized with a quick recap of the sole game to open the broadcast, then a sigh of relief as they can begin their wall to wall coverage of the American sports leagues for the remaining 59.5 minutes.

It is important that sports fan to remain vigilant and keep after thenetworks to give the CFL the media coverage they deserve as Canada's No. 2 most popular sport.

Berezin, if you’re going to criticize TSN, at least know what you’re talking about. Last season TSN aired 48 Raptors games, 30 other NBA games, and the All-Star Game. Oh, and they were scheduled to air a minimum of 17 playoff games (they aired more), and they had the exclusive rights to the NBA Finals.

So what was that you were saying about TSN hardly showing basketball? :expressionless:

Just to add to that... the best pitcher in baseball is about to be traded, and TSN should cover it.. why? The pitcher in question just happens to be Roy Halladay, Toronto's ace.

I honestly don’t know what guys like Berezin expect. There’s not a whole lot of CFL news between games. Does he want TSN to get a two minute interview with Richie Hall during Wednesday practice so Hall can give all the standard sports cliches? “We just have to put that loss behind us. We have to focus on our next game against B.C. We have to stick to our gameplan.” No thanks.

The biggest news between games this season was Armstrong being released by the Bombers, and they covered that. If Berezin is so desperate for coverage, he should check out TSN.ca. They have an article up about the turnover of running backs. Maybe that’ll hold him over until Thursday.


Are you in the sticks where you don't get standard definition TV or radio? One of those media should be saying something about the CFL.

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