TSN not broadcasting CFL on national feed

So TSN2 is the national feed, correct? But in Manitoba and Saskatchewan we don't get to watch a number of CFL games because it seems to be more important to show Sportscenter, or college hockey, or NBA basketball nationally. Why aren't the CFL games all broadcast on the national TSN2 so the entire country can enjoy watching our beloved 9 CFL teams that never overlap their schedules?

TSN2 is the secondary TSN - sort of like ESPN2 in the USA or Sportsnet One up here.

What has happened is that the main TSN is now split into four regional networks just like the main Sportsnet network. So for maximum exposure for a premier Sportsnet property like the Blue Jays - almost always the Jays will be on the main Sportsnet network - which depending on where you are in the country is either Sportsnet Pacific, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Ontario and Sportsnet East. Jays games will usually be on all four.

What was TSN is now TSN1 in BC and Alberta, TSN3 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, TSN4 in most of Ontario and TSN5 in Ottawa , Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The premier properties for TSN like CFL or NFL will be on TSN1,3,4 and 5. Occasionally if one of those regions has a hockey game that TSN has regional rights for - that one channel may have a hockey game instead of the NFL or CFL game. It happened a couple of weeks ago when TSN5 had a Sens - Habs game on. But the vast majority of the time national properties like the CFL and NFL will be on the 4 regional TSN channels.

Not everyone gets TSN2 as it is usually on a premium sports bundle. What was TSN (which is now split into 1,3,4 and 5) is what you still get with more basic cable packages so those channels have wider distribution.

So how does it make any sense if TSN4 is Ontario regional, that they will be getting the broadcast of Saskatchewan and Calgary on October 24 and Sask will not? I was told by my provider that TSN2 is the national feed. It makes no sense to me that TSN2 will be showing American College Football instead of CFL football on Friday night.

If I understand correctly the various Regions only receive one TSN channel and viewers can't flip between the Regional channels. With ESPN we receive thru our cable company ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU and ESPN Deportes channels as well as ESPN3 internet stream. ESPN will at times "juggle" programs between channels but what is shown on the channels is country wide.
What programming is shown on TSN2?

What are you getting on TSN3 - which is your main TSN channel in that area - at the time of the Riders game?

To further explain - unlike TSN's other feeds (TSN1, 3, 4 and 5), which are each distributed on analogue cable as the primary TSN feed in a specific part of Canada, TSN2 is distributed only through digital cable and satellite, although it has been carried by some cable operators on analogue on a short-term "preview" basis.

Most cable providers if you had TSN are giving subscribers all four main TSN's (1,3,4 and 5) some cable providers have just been a little slow adding them. Videotron was one of those

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/Videotron+adding+feeds+after+subscriber+complaints/10301819/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertai ... story.html[/url]

The problem in that particular case is that TSN3 is the Manitoba / Saskatchewan regional channel, replacing the old TSN channel in the basic cable package. The broadcaster made a choice between the Riders football game and the Jets hockey game (?), and chose hockey over football.

Your provider is correct in a way about TSN2 being the national channel, as it is the only one available across the country. But it isn’t the channel that carries the CFL games. I suggest that you call them back and request that they add the other three TSN channels as an option. Enough people demand that, especially if they threaten to switch to a provider who does carry them, and they will eventually add them.

Why does TSN have more than 2 stations? :roll:

Here on the East Coast the default TSN station without the expanded package is TSN5!

On my Mom's cable (I'm living at her place taking care of her right now) here in Hamilton - she seems to only get TSN4 and TSN2. If she is supposed to be getting the other three TSN channels - I certainly have not found them. lol

Good for you, Pat. :thup: Nobody loves you like your mom.

for the life of me I can not figure out why they didn’t put them in order…TSN1 as National…1 most east, then 2, 3, 4, 5. Seems pretty stupid. Even better idea…name them.

I get they have things to work out as they go…that’s going to happen…but the very foundation seems pretty shabbily thought out.

telus has all 5 of them.

The Senators and the Jets both have separate deals with TSN, so it's only in them two markets that a CFL broadcast would be affected when there is a Sens/Jets game.
Where I am currently renting, they have the basic Bell satelite package that comes with TSN 1,3,4,5. If you want TSN2 you have to pay extra for it. We don't get Rogers Sportsnet either.

I get all 5 feeds T-Pat,and I'm in Stoney Creek with Cogeco,not sure which package you have at your Mother's but the regular TSN is on channel #15,TSN#2 is on #156 and the other 3 channels are on #420,#419,#418 with #1 @ #2 also on #417 and #416.
Perhaps I'm guessing that maybe she is with a different company(Shaw,Mountain,Rogers)or maybe she just doesn't have the subscription package that carries the new feeds. Barring that,maybe you just have not gone far enough up on the dial to find them yet. :slight_smile:

Here in Cambridge, we are serviced by Rogers. In order to get all the channels you have to have the Digital VIP package. All of the channels showed up within a week of their launch, but they're in an unusual spot. In addition to TSN4 on channel 30 and TSN2 on channel 98 you have all five on channels 494 through 498.

For Basic Cable and non-HD channels, I get all 5 TSN channels, except when there is a NHL regional game out east. I paid the upgrade with Shaw to have HD channels plus the HD Sports package years ago.
However, what has been stated is true, TSN2 is now the only National Channel even though it is a secondary channel. I live in the TSN 3 region, and since the multi-channel TSN platform started I have not been able to watch 1 to 2 games each weekend because I am in the Winnipeg Jets Region. TSN won't switch the game for us to TSN2 because they have National programming on even if its US college ball, not even top 25 teams.

I have already emailed TSN and the CFL a couple of times due to the missed games. What I am curious to know is, when playoffs come, and the Jets/Leafs/Sens are playing, are we going to get the CFL games or Regional NHL games. What happens if one of these regional NHL teams are playing just before/during/or right after the Grey Cup, do we get the Grey Cup or Regular Season Hockey.

At my Mom's place it was Shaw but just recently became Rogers. TSN4 (which was TSN) is on 25 and TSN2 is on 151. Nothing anywhhere for TSN 1, 3 and 5. Perhaps she would have to upgrade to a VIP package I guess.

So just looked at this upcoming weekend's schedule and Friday night Footbal will be pre-empted by Jets Regional broadcast. Not sure if this was mentioned earlier. However, Friday Night Football double header will not be seen in Manitoba and Saskatchewan due to the Winnipeg Jets Regional broadcast. So the early game that starts at 4:30 local time is not shown due to the 6pm start of the Jets, and the 7:30pm game is not shown because the hockey game is not over yet.
So yes, Rider fans in Saskatchewan will not get to see the Rider game on Friday Night Football, TSN's flagship hyped broadcast for CFL, due to a Winnipeg Jets game. Interesting.

Fortunately for me, I can still see it on the non-HD small screen channel that is a little grainy, but for those in Sask, or Manitoba that prefer football, you are up the creek.

I don't know why TSN did not make this simple. TSN1 is the main national broadcast. TSN2 Secondary National Broadcast, and 3,4,5, (possibly 6 if they still want each region) be set up regionally.

As of yet, I have heard no response from TSN or the CFL regarding these issues, and I have sent my original note a few weeks ago.

For Cogeco subscribers in East Hamilton, TSN4 is the main network on basic channel. TSN2 is the secondary network. The other 3 channels are available somewhere in the 700's. I dont really get what they're trying to do with the TSN channel numbers. They make no sense and are really confusing. Why is TSN 4 the main network in Hamilton? Make TSN1 the main TSN2 secondary. Or else call its TSN Ontario, TSN Pacific, TSN East, TSN West like sports net does then have your secondary TSN2 channel.

I think they just thew out 5 channels to compete with Rogers, even though each region doesn't really have 5 channels. Kind of like a pissing match with rogers or who has a bigger d*ck. It's not like they have enough content to fill up 5 channels. Heck ESPN doesn't even have content for 5 channels.

Shaw, Alberta has all 5 channels