TSN NFL Deal to Kill CFL Sunday Games?

In light of TSN losing NHL rights to Rogers, Bell (CTV/TSN) obtains all Canadian NFL broadcast rights.

[url=http://canadiansportsfan.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/bell-media-extend-and-expand-canadian-nfl-rights-all-sunday-games-on-ctv-and-tsn/]http://canadiansportsfan.wordpress.com/ ... v-and-tsn/[/url]

Given TSN has CFL rights for the next five years, it would seem that to protect its NFL purchase, it is unlikely we will see CFL games on Sunday anymore.

Some may like that. I think it's terrible. Sunday afternoon is a great time to watch CFL football, or even hockey - except in summer. Friday night is not bad either. But if this means Saturday CFL games, I'm gonna miss the CFL.

TSN will show CFL Sunday games, and the NFL Sunday and Monday nighters, CTV will continue to show NFL Sunday games, nothing has changed. It is just more of the same not a big deal.

Not sure of the big issue.

Bell has 3 Channels it shows the NFL and 2 it shows the CFL(potentially 3)

Bell is saying they'll show 2 NFL games at the 1 PM and 4 PM(I'm guessing EST)

So they can put one NFL game on CTV, one NFL game on TSN2 and still use TSN to show a Sunday CFL game, like in the playoffs this year, CFL Sunday games can be the same time as always with an NFL game on CTV and TSN2.... not a big deal.

I'd expect the CFL is going to have a 20 week schedule, with 1 5 game week and 19 4 game weeks, followed by the regular 2 weeks of 2 game playoffs + the Grey cup. Each team gets two bye's PLUS the team that plays twice during the 5 game week gets an extra bye.
Come September Sunday games will likely be a pretty regular occurrence as usual, and Friday Night football will be on I'd expect for all 19 of the 4 game weeks and possibly the 5 game week(although as I said in another thread I hope the 5 game week is the LDC weekend and they have a game on the Thursday + 2 Sunday and 2 Monday)

There aren't that many CFL games on Sunday and I think most involve Saskatchewan. Sask has most of the highest rated games and the highest attended so I assume that won't change. Not sure why the Als schedule their games on a Sunday afternoon, it may be something to do with using the University stadium.
I like the Saturday afternoon/evening double/triple header games. Leave Sundays in the fall to the NFL.

We will see next year what TSN will do, after all they bought the CFL broadcasting rights and they should be telling the CFL when the games should be played.

CFL teams earn the majority of their revenue from ticket sales, still doubling or tripling the new TV contract, so Sunday games will still be scheduled.

The Alouettes are not allowed to use McGill stadium on Friday and Saturday during the CIS season, so the Als must host Sunday games...or else on Thursday. :roll:

Nothing has changed much on Sunday, except fans will have a 2nd NFL game at 1:00 and 4:00 t0 draw viewers away from CTV and City/Sportsnet NFL games.

The CFL ratings on Sunday are terrific, drawing their biggest audiences of the season for Sunday games going head-to-head against the NFL. :thup:

NOTHING will change.

TSN can't change their deal now.

maybe in the 6th year after it expires.

Why be scared of the NFL. Now I perfer no sunday games before labour day, but I will take whatever they give us.

But what TSN is saying is that the NFL ratings on TSN have jumped 75% and that is a big trend upwards. That's one reason why they have added more NFL games.


The actual quote was CTV was up 75% since they started broadcasting NFL games, but their NFL ratings must have been awfully low before because last week CTV drew only 499,000 viewers combined for all the 1:00 pm NFL games...while CFL games average 50% more and that's just for 1 game! Sportsnet drew only 160,000 viewers combined for their 4:00 pm NFL games the week before. The CFL hasn't drawn that few of viewers since the early 1950's when most people didn't even have TV's. :roll:

The dollar values were not mentioned but it is safe to assume the amount of money the NFL generates in Canada is much more then the CFL.
Obviously, TSN and Crapnet(Thursday) don't spend a dime on production. Then the whole Canadian inferiority complex thing kicks in where Canadian advertizers know Canadians value America more then their own country, so advertizers are willing to pay more even if the numbers aren't as high.

Only in Canada would we value foreigners more then our own one of a kind property.
It’s more then a shame its criminal.

This was one of the things I was worried about when Rogers signed that laughable NHL deal, so I’m not surprised at all.
Get ready for boatloads more NFL coverage across Canada.

I’m so proud to be Canadian, but Canada’s inferiority complex is the thing I hate most about Canada.

Not criminal but a goddamned shame. Never been able to figure it out.

Montreal uses the prime time thursday nights during the summer for home games and the 1:00 sunday starts for sundays in the fall. It seems to be working for them. They have there solid fanbase of about 23K for every game. They used to only get a max of 20K. before the renos they did not have the revenue from suites they do now. There TV ratings are among the best in the CFL for these times as well with the combined TSN/RDS broacasts.
So for the CFL they are pretty much exclusive to 1:00 sunday home starts. Having these regular standard days and times allows everyone to know when they are playing bringing stability to their schedule.
For the Broad CFL crowd Friday night football brings stability to TSN.
I do not think the NFL schedule on TSN will affect the CFL ratings

I have heard on the TEAM 1040 that the CFL will continue to go head to head with the NFL on TSN as the CFL ratings slaughter the NFL ratings on Sunday. I'm pretty sure most of that even "slaughter" could be used as a direct quote.

How is it safe to assume when the ratings are nearly double?

I see more CFL gear, hats ,etc. than any NFL team. Grey Cup is way bigger thing than the Super Bowl with the festivities and soldout stadiums that dont’ have any tickets given away unlike NFL in Toronto.

I’m pretty sure the CFL generates a lot more money than the NFL in Canada. Hardly anybody I know, except for like 2 or 3 buddies that bet on it at the bars and stuff, give a crap about the NFL or can name more than 2 players. ITs all hockey or Lions.

The CFL does beat NFL ratings in Canada on sundays. I do not think that they will go to more sunday games in the CFL but a successful Formula of Montreal playing sunday home games at 1:00 in the fall will not change

ad rates sell at a rate 4 times more for the super bowl then the grey cup in canada

While I’m pretty sure that it’s not that high, still sad that any American programming gets more ad revenue than Canadian Content.

For the Super Bowl CTV was charging around $110,000 for a 30 second ad and around $42,000 for the GC. These figures were from a few years ago, both probably have risen.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/grey-cup-ad-rates-are-good-but-a-long-way-from-super/article716982/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/g ... cle716982/[/url]