TSN new rankings

TSN has the Lions ranked 3rd this week. The Rider are ranked 4th. How can they rank BC ahead of Saskatchewan? The Riders beat the Lions in the west final last year. The Riders won the Grey Cup. The Riders and Lions played 2 weeks ago in pre season. The Riders won. They won by a lot. Week 1 in the CFL the Riders beat Edmonton. The Lions lost to the Stamps in week 1.

Why are the Lions ranked ahead of the Riders?

As Jock Climie said on last weekend's broadcast "don't get mad - get even." We'll be moved ahead of BC in the rankings after we win this Friday.

plus don't take to much stock in this stuff. Power rankings are just peoples opinions

Exactly Billy....there's bias involved in the rankings.

So, having said that, here's the new "Neil's Power Rankings"

Spots 1-7 Saskatchewan
Spot 8 Everyone else.

Now everyone run off and get Proline tix accordingly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Different years means different teams. Both the Lions and Riders are different teams than last year, I don’t think you can rate them based on the success they had last year.

the winner of the game tomm will set the tone for future games no doubt will be an important win for either 1