TSN needs to improve their game-day Broadcasting

with the impending TV contract being announced soon here, I believe that TSN needs to make a significant effort in improving their overall Game Day Broadcast.

there's a lot of areas that need tweaking and improvements, for example:

  • less camera focusing on the bench. how many times have you seen them put the camera on a player or the coach and then leave it there for 5 seconds too long, or they come back again and do it all over.

  • they need to do less chatter about irrelevant crap and talk more about what's happening NOW in the game.

there have been a number of times when the Penalty being called is missed by Rod or Chris because their Color guy just won't shut up about something that has nothing to do with the play.

  • Be more informative for the audience. Tell the listeners at the start of the game who won the coin toss, what the team did, the ending result from it.

  • Better camera work. improve the following of the football and the players.

all too often we saw where the Camera man was fooled by a play. or they were way too close to the action and we didn't see enough.


anyone else want to add?

Sure, I'll add this.

Previous seasons, and at the beginning of last season, early in the 1st quarter they gave us the full lineup/depth chart for each team, offence and defence.

Then, midway through the season, they dispensed with that and instead showed us only three "players to watch."

Kill that, and return to giving us the complete picture.

And yes, get rid of Rod Black.

I don't mind this if they have something relevant to say. Of course if it's Duane Forde then no because he has nothing of value to add, but the rest OK, however, if you are going to talk over the official announcing the penalty then tell the audience what the call was when you have finished. They also like to cut to commercial with the promise "flag on the play and we'll get the call after the break" then NEVER mentioning the flag again.

Make the call or shut up when the official is doing it.

YES, YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!
And please take Duane Forde with him.

One more. I can only speak for me, but I tune in to watch the players play the game. Commentary and replays are nice, but they are enhancements. My primary reason for tuning in is to see the game being played. LIVE! Nothing frustrates me more than to comeback from commercial and the next play has already started, or hearing that the next play has started while I'm seeing a replay of the previous play. If I just wanted the highlights I would tune into Sportsdesk. :roll:

Did I mention getting rid of Rod "Figure Skating Guy" Black and Duane "football been bery bery good to me" Forde?

NO sideline interviews, except for injury updates.

....I don't like the fact we get shipped off to tsn 2 when there is a conflict in THEIR scheduling...We need to be treated with a little more respect...Giving us a Paul McCartney song, or some such thing, on the main feed and putting our games on hold really gets me po'd....Some might think it's not such a big deal but I for one ,don't like being treated like the Rodney Dangerfield of sports. :thdn:

…more cowbell

I'm just happy to have a station that shows all the games, and does a good effort to give a good broadcast. Unlike the 80's and 90's when the quality was at a beginners level, and you couldn't get half the games we can today.

'Im happy

There has to be a pre game, a minimum 30 minutes, for each game.

I like the job TSN is doing and I have no real complaints, though I like the idea of a half hour show before kickoff.

As for "get rid of this guy" and "get rid of that guy", well, there will always be haters. If not against Black and Forde then it they would be hating on somebody else. Haters just have to find something, or someone, to focus their hatred. You'd think there are more important things in the world to worry about, but whatever. Both Black and Forde are fine IMHO. I hope they never lose their job because of the shallow opinions of a few haters.

A few? Where have you been? Black is not liked by a large majority of CFL fans

While the game is being played, focus ENTIRELY on the game from both a visual and auditory perspective. I get livid should a commercial rob us of a single play. If there are guests being interviewed at half time, this chatter should cease immediately as the teams run out to play the second quarter. FGS don't allow this chit chatter to continue when the game is being played. Before the second half begins the guest(s) should be long gone. I also do not like having on-field commentators, be they male or female, intrude on the game with their "expert analysis" of some mundane thing. Keep it simple stupid. Fans want to see the game and hear the two guys who are calling it. Any chats with important guests should take place before the game, during the half time break or post game.

I agree with that totally. I like to know the entire starting lineups that may include some changes to the starting line up and why. Also some insight about the situational subbing of players or about the DLine rotation. I noticed that the Riders would pull Lobendahn in 2nd and long situations with very little said about it during the game.
I noticed the Argos go to a cover two with Black and Boulay playing the two deep safety spots. Would have been nice to know a little bit about that situation.

Farhan Lalji is easily TSN's best sideline reporter IMO. His updates are clear and consise, and he's the head football coach of a high school here on the Lower Mainland so he can really articulate the finer points of the game, while neither being unduly technical nor talking down to viewers.

I don't like it when sideline reporters' lengthy babble bleeds over the action.

Stop broadcasting games like you are cheerleading for one of the teams. Be passionate but impartial in your play by play and analysis. It doesn't matter the sport, but it drives me nuts when a national network is reporting like they are the home broadcaster of a particular team.

I can't remember one game that got moved to TSN 2.

To me TSN is fab.

The only suggestion is that I think, like another poster said, there should always be a pre game.

I liked the addition of Lapolice. A coaches viewpoint is interesting. I hope he stays.

Chris Schulz is getting Don Cherry like and that's a good thing. Turn him loose as long as he's being honest with his views.

Dunigan is always welcome.

Not crazy about Milt.

Generally like the work that Brian Williams brings to the table. I would love to see him do some in depth specials on:
Hugh Campbell
Mark Trestman in Chicago
Nelson Skalbania and the failed Montreal experiment in the 80's
Damon Allen on racism

The panel show as a whole is like my favorite comfort food actually. Much like the CFL.

For once I am in agreement with cflisthebest. It makes me livid when they are zoomed in on the sideline when the play is about to start, or they are zoomed in on the QB as he is coming up to the line. There are two teams on the field and football is a game of formations and strategy, if I am unable to see what formations both the offence and defence are running then I am unable to fully enjoy the game. It is a main factor in why I will always be a season ticket holder so I can watch the stuff I like and ignore which player is talking to the GD camera.

…Then you have a short memory…Certainly it wasn’t the whole game but if you remember the opening of our season and the opening of the summer olympics last year, we had McCarteny croaking out a song instead of our telecast…It’s happened with golf on more than one occasion as well.Re-read the part where I said we need more respect…I guess you didn’t get it. :roll:

Everybody pretty well covered it. I would like to see more cameras like the NFL where they actually follow the player, instead of nose bleed shots of the whole field and as one lad said get rid of keeping the camera on one player. And a pre game show and of course get rid of black. A list is needed and sent to TSN.

wow...cranky guy. you might use a little respect as well. no need for that kind of response.

wow...cranky guy. you might use a little respect as well. no need for that kind of response.
WAAHH.. somebody call the Waambulance!.. :lol: