TSN NEEDS some new commercials...

Honestly, if I gotta see that idiot build a deck in his living room one more time SO HELP ME!

I mean most of them are kinda funny, but come on, it's Week 5 and I can almost recite half of them! I don't even care if it's the same companies, just find something new!

Maybe this is a trivial small thing, but it's starting to get annoying. Along with TSN's constant reference to the CFL's HQ as the "Command Center"...everytime I hear them say that it brings back flashes Bruce Willis' one line in "Live Free or Die Hard"

I don't know, those are two pet peeves of mine I guess

Um, I think it's the companies that are advertising that need new commercials. TSN airs what the sponsors send them.

You are both correct.

And if I hear "honey, we need to talk" one more time . . .

If I see that Cialis commercial one more time I swear I'm going Elvis on my television.

This comments is somewhat on the topic of commercials but definately on the topic of TSN.

You would think someone at TSN could get Chris Schultz a tailored suit. Schultzy's suits look like off the rack drapes. I realize Chris is a large person but surely a tailor could cut a suit better then drapes.

The Wrapman commercial needs to get off my TV as well.

None of the commercials are as bad as the ones we used to see like Ranch! or Mr Wendy. . . it's just that we see the sames one over and over and over and over. . . ad infinitum ad nauseam. . .

There are a lot of commercials out there… you would think with all the ads that air and promos, you might see them once per half…

I agree that the "Wrapman" ad really sucks. But then, show me a Tim Horton's ad that isn't annoying as hell. It's like they tell their marketing team to come up with something that's really stupid and annoying.

I'm just glad that they've finally gotten rid of, "Enterprise Rent-a-Car? It looks expensive!" Shut it, granny!

I agree. I don't know who is running Tim Horton's marketing department, but clearly that person needs to be fired. They haven't had a halfway decent commercial in years.

This made me laugh. :lol:

....' you can be wrap boy'....someone should rap that guy on the head.....I believe it's a deliberate move to agitate...somehow its supposed to work on a persons physche...Funny how that works, to prompt a person to purchase that product...I would've thought the opposite was true and i was thinking just that, as i returned to my table, with my Tims coffee and wrap in hand :?

You can be wrappapa... :lol: :lol: :lol:

But I’m “Wrapman”!..

Ya, the deckbuilding guy has that whiny voice...

I agree with everyone in that I’m getting tired of seeing the same commercials time and again. But I think we all need to realize that as long as we’re all watching the 4 games every week, you’re going to feel overkill no matter how many different commercials there are.

It's nice to have the option of PVR'ing the game, then you don't have to watch any of the stupid commercials! It also takes less time to watch. The down side is you have to watch it before you find out what the outcome is.

.....AND THAT'S A WRAP... SAMBO.... :lol: :lol:

The Reebok Bus Adds need to updated as well

There are a lot of strategies in commercials. Two of them are: make it funny; or make it annoying. Both of these force us to remember the product, whether we like the commercial or not.

I wonder which they're going for with commercials like "Wrapman"? Or the all-time classic: "RANCH!" They're both annoying (to different degrees) but something tells me there are ad execs sitting in conference rooms giggling as they brainstorm these ideas.

Hey ! WraPappa :rockin: