TSN needs a weekly CFL TV Show.... with highlights, etc.

They need something that has Highlights, interviews, coaches on the program showing the audience blackboard drills and plays and explaining to the audience about them. They need to have trivia where callers can win stuff. They need to have players come on the show and chat with the guys..

We need something like what the NFL has in the USA.. their morning pre-game show.

CFL Snap on The Score

not good enough. needs to be seen everywhere

Agreed. Not good enough.

Put some money into it. Don't act like there isn't anything TSN can do. Their hands are not tied.

Somebody watches TWIB; I think.

People would watch "The CFL Show".

What part of Canada doesn't have The Score on cable? Is there demand to justify a weekly show? I remember a show not too long ago that was hosted by Gizmo Williams on Sportsnet. I don't believe it's in production any more.

They have those on Sundays on the U.S. networks. What more could you want than the pre-game that the CFL on CBC has on Saturdays and what TSN does with Friday Night Football?

Fine then, I guess the CFL does not need any more coverage than it already has.
I guess we are wrong when we say we would like to see more CFL on Sprots Channels.
I guess everybody else is right about the tremendous coverage TSN gives CFL.

It's not a matter of right and wrong. I'm sure most people, especially on here, will take as much as they can get. It would be a challenge to get a pre-game show any more similar to the ones you see on the U.S. networks since there's only the four games at most per week here. Normally two of them have been played by Saturday or Sunday morning as opposed to the NFL usually playing all of their games on just the Sunday.

1stly, It is always a matter of right and wrong.

2ndly, All am saying is "THE CFL SHOW" twice a week.

The CFL needs more than just another run-of-the-mill talking heads show to snooze through. It needs something along the lines of a guts and glory dramatic retelling of games from the camera's point of view. Some of that stuff on YouTube is WAY WAY better than most of the utter crap I see on TV. There are some really creative people out there. Imagine what they could do for the CFL if they had a budget!

That tribute to Stegal is one example of what I'm talking about.

Well Mark Cohon said in his address that they want to celebrate the players and make them household names, so maybe there's something in the works that the league will produce or fund and make available to CBC or TSN. Perhaps that's how it already works and we'll see more of it.

Hey putting it on the Score makes no sense. TSN has the broadcast rights...people would tune it in there....