TSN - Murphy to TO

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Crappy news.

I don't know if I'm even going to believe this. With reports coming that he has also signed with us. Leaving me very disappointed in the way the CFL and Media sources are dealing with Free Agency. They had better get their act together before this gets any more confusing.

Shouldn't there be a whole slew of press conferences in the next few hours?

And to TO....Bummer

We really should be used to this by now...

We should probably pick up Luke Fritz and draft Simeon Rottier first overall. Field an all Canadian o-line. Brandon Guillory, Devone Claybrooks and Maurice Lloyd will all be good additions to.

So sad to lose out to Toronto. I thought he was a done deal for us.

Yes....we should.

This is awful news, but really it doesn't surprise me at all.

The guy made it clear he wanted to come east... perhaps hes using Hamilton and Toronto to start a bidding war, and we all know whos gonna win that bidding war.

Don't get to down. We still got one of the better offensive linemen in the game and a Canadian to boot, things are still looking up.

I agree, but I thought we had an edge with Obie here. I thought for sure we would land him.

Hopefully they way overpaid for him.

What do they care? Its the way its always been.


If this story is true then it's no big loss! We want players who really want to play for the Cats. I'm sure Obie made a darn good offer. So if money was the sole motivator for Murphy do we really want this guy? I think we have a really good chance to be a good team this year. Can that be said for the Argos with all that's happened to them?

8) Consider ourselves very lucky that we did sign Gauthier now !!
  If we hadn't have gotten him, and now with Murphy signing with TO, we would have really been up the creek  !!!

  Gauthier is actually a little more valuable to us since he is Canadian.

Actually it appears that TO and Winnipeg have been the most active so far. Maybe they had their hooks into a a lot of these players before free agency started.
Too bad about Murphy, of course in this day & age it really is all about the money.
I hope Obie is working hard at filling a couple of holes, even though we are ecstatic to have him it would be a little disappointing if Gauthier was the only signing.

Gauthier is way more valuable than Murphy. We only need to start 1 import on the o line now which allows for another import somewherelse. Hopefully we draft a Canadian olinemen so we can eventually start an entire Canadian line and we’ll be positioned very well to field an excellent team.

You're right about wanting players that want to be Ticats... but at the end of the day the recurring theme in free agency is frustrating. Everybody talks about unloading Printers' contract but low and behold, players dont want to come here... ive said it before and i'll say it again. Overpaying guys like Printers is the only way to land big name free agents.

Lets face it, as soon as Toronto got into the mix on Murphy people cant say they werent worried, just like AMG and I arent surprised.

I hope this report is all false, but at this point i doubt it.

this sucks!

We might think of signing Luke Fritz and drafting Rottier and starting an all Canadian o-line immediately. Trade the 3rd overall pick to TO for Johnathon Brown and we have ourselves a pass rush.