TSN missed another play!

After Mtl's single, when they came back from commercial, Toronto was starting on their 47 instead of the 35. TSN missed another play.

WTF is with the refs giving the als free 3 points?

are the refs betting on this game or something?
apparently, your not allowed to tackle calvillo for a sack.

gives montreal a free 1st down, when they shoulda been punting, and it turns into 3 points...that was some BS right there.

They seem to do that a lot. It’s kind of annoying.

That was a BS roughing the passer call. I didnt even have to look at a replay to know that there was nothing worthy of a flag.

TSN and their god damn commercials, they go to one every chance they have.

anyone hear the announcers say this game might not be sold out???

if true, montreal has the worst fans in the league....can't sell-out a 20,000 seat stadium?...what a disgrace.

im glad i picked the Als on my weekly proline ticket....argos cant get a 1st down.

I didnt hear that but they do have a shitty fan base. I could go down to the stadium sit in the stands with my ghetto blaster and play some polka music that would be louder than the crowd.

Yeah, I think they did say something like that.

On the bright side, they did fix the first down line ad to have a Canadian field.

Somebody listened to the complaints.

Well this thread is way off topic but,

I heard the announcer say that there were rumours the game would not sell out but it looks full to me. Besides, what can they base that on? Man in the street interviews?

I gotta agree about the roughing the passer call, I didn't see anything. I have been saying it for years now, Protecting the QB is getting out of hand.

Well, if you'd take a second to read the other posts in this thread you'd realize that your comment wasnt off topic at all. Instead you look like an idiot for not reading a single reply in this thread.

Actually, Pokeys, he was right. This thread, which ro1313 started, was originally about TSN's missing plays while on ad breaks.....no about sellouts, or roughing the passer.....it is definitely off-topic, and has been since the second post. 8)

True True lol... OKAY I look like an idiot thats cool.

CFL ref's seem too usually have their heads up their asses.

Oh, and pokeys, my guess is that head belongs to Jason "Dumbo" Maas.

But to stay on topic, i too am getting quite pissed with TSN. After every change of possesion theirs a friggin commercial. You don't have to tell 1000 times who your sponsor is, and it dosen't make me want to buy anything from your sponsor, it just pisses me off.

Correct! Good guess...


Hey! My first post was not off topic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well okay, Mr. Whineypants.....but you're the notable exception. :stuck_out_tongue:

This surprises you?
It was announced last year if not the year before that Montreal would hold a race.

damn als...how did they let the argos get so close and ruin my proline tickets for me ( i had to win by 4 or more on one ticket and by 8+ on the other )?