TSN media rights extension announced

The article on tsn did not say how long the extension is, but did say they were looking forward to promoting thursday night, friday night, saturday night games.

Probably waiting for ambrosie’s address tomorrow for fine points.

For those of us that like the cfl on sundays, and “national” games excluding regions, well i guess we hold out hope for the next go round.

No dollars stated either.
Probably a deal so MLSE doesn’t dump the argos.

Sorry for the pessimism.

$50 million/season. Apparently goes to 2025 or even 2027.

Where did you find the $'s?

That is what 8-10 million more than previous deal?

The dollar amount came from a Sun article a few months ago. 50 million base plus incentives based on ratings, whatever that means.

Disappointed by the lack of details, especially regarding term. The Sun said it ran until 2025 and 3 down nation states 2027. There’s likely options and reopeners possibly based on expansion. Maybe it will fit some U Sports content later should they join.

Hopefully, Randy can shine some light on the deets tomorrow.

No CTV “Game of the Week?” :-\

That would be the centrepiece of the deal as far as I’m concerned (obviously, in addition to any incremental dollars from the last deal). Even playoffs or Grey Cup. Build the reach.

Any one else bust a gut laughing at this gem from Ambrosia?

“To us, this is by far the best partnership in Canadian sport – one built on trust, respect and a shared love of the great game of Canadian football,?

What makes him think TSN respects the CFL? Regional only broadcasts of playoff games? Not broadcasting in one or both regions participating teams are from? Rod Black? Poor broadcasts? Replays while live plays are happening? Changing channels a game will be broadcast on with no notice? Preemptinga live game for a repeat broadcast of another sport?

Ambrosia and the BoGs are clueless tools. The Bog only sees the money and Ambrosia is either just another yes man or he’s dumber than Rod Black.

Little harsh I think. TSN has been great for the league. There’s always room for improvement but overall I think they’ve done a great job.

I would love to see a game of the week on free to air and a pay per view option, but that is always market driven.

Does the league even negotiate anything with TSN?

I don’t think I can take bitching on these forums through 2025 or 2027 about how crappy is the schedule “due to TSN?, or Rod Black and Duane Ford for that long either.

While I doubt any other broadcaster is willing to pick up the CFL, can’t the league at least make it appear that there is some sort of competitive process to awarding this contract?

Exactly, it appears they are not even looking for options.
Have other stations already given the CFL the middle finger? I would be surprised with the ratings it gets. As much as we complain about lower ratings, they still regularly kick the Raptors around, Jays when they are not at the top, MLS and non original 6 or Cdn NHL games and are in the ball park with the heavily promoted NFL?

I hope Ambrosie gets some hard questions at his address, if those are allowed.

Bell Media is the shadow owner of the league.They don’t have to negotiate anything.
The CFL is a content farm for Bell’s media properties.It provides relatively cheap video/audio/social
media that can be exploited at a profit.The BOG get to maintain their autonomy and go about
their business.

The media that cover the league are going to stay on script.(Ferguson,Dunk,podcasters,etc…)
They don’t want to lose access or anger their employers.


Need an Over the Air option, but probably won’t happen until the Schooners arrive (fifth game).

You would think they would yet here we are…

What a huge mistake, some of us have been calling for this for years.
Not to mention proper Negotiations 101 taking place, by actually having multi parties bidding thus increasing the value.
To $75M-$100M annually.

I like how everyone on this board is an expert at negotiating TV deals.

You do not have to be an expert in TV rights, to know how to properly negotiate with anything in life.

You kinda do though. We know none of the details. People are just making 1000 assumptions.

I get the desire to speculate, but to act like we would have gotten a better deal is nuts. We don’t know what goes on in negotiations.

But you need to know the landscape of what other potential bidders there might be … or not be … CTV and TSN are cousins, so no competition there … CBC is out of the business … Sportsnet already overpaid for the NHL and have the BJs all summer and at least until late September, so no bidding war likely there … Global has no real sports presence, and couldn’t provide the 24/7/365 opportunity to rebroadcast games, specialty programming (e.g., CFL Wired) and provide coverage in sports news programming … trying to cobble together a CFL network run by the league is mega risky … don’t know what other options might be out there.