TSN: Maas returning to the Eskimos


Not unexpected. I wish Jason well. It will be a bullpen role that he's thrived in before. Good luck to him, except when playing the Cats! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

That was in the cards the minute he left here. Good for him and his family. Lets see how much better he plays when he is "happy"

All the best Jason, didn't quite work out here but at least now your around your family 24-7. I'm sure that will be a boost of confidence.

Its good things turned out well for him. Back home with his family and can probably play out the rest of his football career there.
Now we are back to where we were a couple of seasons ago...Maas in Edmonton and Marcel Desjardins in Montreal.
We ended up with a couple of seasons we could have done without. If only we could have known .......
I see the word "disastrous" missing in the release.

But I still don't think Edmonton will be the same team it was when it won the Grey Cup. I think they're old & weak at WR.

When did Montreal release him?

According to the article "The Alouettes released Maas last week, allowing him to return to Alberta."

Good for Jason He a backup at best now.
his arm is shot.

HOME SWEET HOME. :cry: :cry:

I predict he'll get cut.

He should have never left.

Yes, back to the "greatest football fans in the C.F.L.", according to Mr. Mass.

Updated article written after today's press conference:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2008/01/16/4775981-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 81-cp.html[/url]

No mention of salary, but I would have to think it's easily 50% below what he made here.

Good to hear that the injuries (once denied, now freely admitted) are all healed.

It will be quite a story if Edmonton does well this year, after missing the playoffs for the only time in the last kajillion years for the two seasons Jason was away. That combined with Hamilton having a strong season would have to make the 2005 Maas trade a leading contender for "Worst ... Trade ... Ever" for all concerned.

Obviously for several reasons Maas never worked out in Hamilton, but just out of sheer curiosity....if Maas had come out and openly stated when he was hurt that he was planning to play, would you have gone easier on him?

I recall one interview with Matt Dunnigan where he said that Maas was a warrior. In a few more words, Matt said something along the lines of Maas would loose his credibility with fans because of his playing injured instead of sitting out.

Just a thought?

Personally I was never that hard on him about his injuries, including in this thread where I simply stated a fact. I wasn't thrilled about the situation for several reasons:

  • Edmonton for sending us damaged goods (maybe - depends on when the injury first occurred)
  • Ticats for not noticing that he was hurt until it was too late
  • Coaches for playing him when it could only do harm to Maas and to the team
  • Maas & doctors for delaying the off-season surgery just long enough that 2007 season also had to be written off due to insufficient recovery time

It was a bit of a no-win situation for Maas. But the way things played out, he is unlikely to ever be coveted as a starting QB again, unless he gets significant playing time behind Ray (e.g. due to injury) and absolutely blows the lights out.

But I honestly don't spend much time thinking about this these days. It's just one of many things that have gone wrong in recent years.

My contention all along has been that injured players should rest if they cannot compete with their injuries PARTICULARILY if rest is the only cure


Yea I know. You bore me too

Mrs. Mass will be happy.

Do I know you?