TSN:Maas And Ticats Struggling

thought maby you guys woudl wanna read this.


if maas isnt comfortable in the game why are we keeping him in as our starter, our coaches, even katz says he isnt comfy under centre, pull him one game again why not, eakin is better then he showed and we all know that

Because your paying him the top $$$ to be in that position.

I'll say it one more time..."They Fired The Wrong Guy"!

AND...one other thing that has always bothered me...."Why did David Sauve leave?"

We have been downhill since!

What are you saying exactly woody?

top dollar or not, if you cant deliver you shouldnt be playing, i dont care if pat flemming goes in at qb's and throws more td's that would be the guy id want in.

A clueless Head Coach that didnt know when to go for 2, when to kick onside, when to change starters, who should be the kicker, how to run a proper training camp, how to introduce a proper practice schedule, how to hire proper assistants, how to make adjustments and when to release players is the wrong guy fired...

I dont get it.

And we all know Maas is better than he showed. Right now I have no confidence in Eakin as a starter, to quote Ron, 'he's a wild man,' Winnipeg has made a blue print on how to stop Eakin and how to pick him off.

Results from changes????? Gimme a break...Marshall was a good coach...he took the fall for somebody elses bad advise IMHO !

I was just wondering out loud, why Sauve left! Was he unhappy with the decisions being made??? Was he frustrated with the football decisions???

Again...what are the results since the changes???

Don't be calling me out for simply asking a question there, Crash! :twisted:

You have a lot to say for somebody who has never played the game! :roll:

YEa Winnepeg has the blueprint on Eakin... and Toronto has the blueprint on Maas. THE ENVELOPE PLEASE..... The blueprint is our offensive "scheme" wow what a concept!

You said they fired the wrong guy, i commented on it.

They didnt fire the WRONG guy, they just should have fired more than one guy. Theres a difference.

I dont need TSN to tell me that the Cats and Maas are struggling. Ive seen the games. They should have fired the whole caoching staff BUT Marshall. And that includes Kavis Reed people. Adjustments dont come from this guy, they come from the opposite offensive co-ordinator.

This is a GREAT point, and very valid. Since Sauve left we have been terrible, even off the field things have fallen behind...any thoughts???

Well...one constant through the whole excercise has been Lancaster. don't get me wrong...I have nothing but respect for the man...but I'm questioning his ability to coach these guys today...particularly with another "Old School OC"...Joe PaoPao!

By the way...how many Grey Cups did Ron win as a player??? If we don't turn this thing around RIGHT NOW...we won't make the playoffs! The team needs to have consistantcy with the players and a new play-book that has been practised! Not much time now! :roll:

Since when does one have to have played football to comment on it here?


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IYO crash , that`s your opinion and your entitled to it .

So your saying that a man who played college football and was a star and would of been a very good pro had it not been for knee injuries and a guy who took a program that was TERRIBLE and turned it into a GREAT one doesnt know how to run a training camp ??? Why would kids come to Mac if the man didnt know what he was doing ???

Our defence is very good and would be even better had Cotton not got hurt and Cheatwood playing well but on a bad knee . The only problem Marshall had was hiring Paopao . That was a mistake and he knows that now . Why didnt Lancaster help out in that decision he`s seen Paopaos act for years .

So your saying that a man who played college football and was a star and would of been a very good pro had it not been for knee injuries and a guy who took a program that was TERRIBLE and turned it into a GREAT one doesnt know how to run a training camp ??? Why would kids come to Mac if the man didnt know what he was doing ???
Im suggesting that a training camp for McMaster and for a Pro football team are two different things. Marshall did a fantastic job turning Mac around however that does not mean automatic pro success but more importantly it doesnt mean pro RESPECT. I dont think he had it, and based on Josh Ranek's comments on the CFL site i think he had issues gaining respect.

Here is how I see it…

Maas doesn’t get the job done in the first 4-5 games. He leads them to victory at IWS against the Stampeders on a last play field goal. I was there and I was not impressed with the offense, at all. Not just Jason–the offense was very unimpressive. Then we have the hip pointer injury and Kevin Eakin finally gets to have some reps with the starters. Kevin was rusty and the call about who was going to start was not even made until game time…“Jason will start if he can”. The Bombers came to play and our offense was horrible–across the board. Players and coaches presented a terrible product. Kevin Eakin took the whole thing on his shoulders and said it he would take the responsibility for his play and the offense. (A big man I must say) Jason came back in the repeat game with the Bombers and the offense played much better–across the board. I did not see that Jason made the difference, but that the team came ready to play and they did a fine job, including Jason. Then we have the Argo game of last weekend. The offense was horrible–across the board. Jason did the same thing that Kevin did, in terms of accepting responsibility and putting blame on his shoulders. So Kevin and Jason both admitted that they had performed at their worst in these two losses. The offense performed horribly in both games–in all aspects of the game (blocking, rushing, route running, passing, timing—it all was so off). Now, where do we go from here? Maas is dinged up–shoulder, back and hip–again he has only worked out with the offense a couple of days in the last week or so. Will Kevin Eakin ever see another snap? I know he is capable of playing to a much higher level than he did against the Bombers, but will the powers that be allow Kevin to lead this team whether Jason is hurt or not? I am so disappointed in what we all see from this team. Why is Jason’s apology a better one than Kevin’s?–actually Jason’s sounded like a repeat of the one Kevin made a couple of weeks earlier. Jason has been told to not get down on himself for performing poorly and Kevin has been named by some as “being a deer in the headlights”. I guess I just don’t get it. Boxer

That is not what the comment was....it was about trying to come off as some "EXPERT"! There seems to be some "Hierarchy" that thinks because they have the most posts and are mods that pat each other on the back...that what they say is "Gospell".

The long and short of it is that everybody is trying to figure out what is wrong with this team. some make suggestions and others ask questions...it's all good, but let's not lose sight of the fact that we use these forums for entertainment and information....some of the info needs to be "filtered"!