TSN Loves Zeke !!

8) All I hear on TSN tonight is how great Zeke is and he is one of the top ML in the league !!
 Too bad that Hamilton got royally screwed on the trade with Winnipeg.

 They say that a 1st round draft choice is not going to help the Cats at all this year  !!!

 And some people on here say that we are just fine, and in good hands  !!!!                <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
They say that a 1st round draft choice is not going to help the Cats at all this year !!!
Wont help us this year, I think we have to wait for the draft first. Zeke is a great ml but he is an import, shouldnt be too hard to find another import, plus we have Cameron Siskowic, an import linebacker who was awesome in the preseason. Bob-O has a big mess to clean up, I think he might be the brightest light in the cats office. Getting Canada would have gotten us the pressure on qbs we need, unfortunately the trade was a mess, Bob, please dont get fooled twice by a shifty team like winnipeg so desperate that they would trade an injured player like that. I think and I have mentioned it before our special teams blocking is much improved over last season, so is our tackling. It takes more than one year to build a grey cup team so I for one will be patient and see what happens as I am tired of rebuilding by firing everyone and starting from scratch.

I've been away from planet earth for four days. When I left I'd just heard that Moreno was traded for Canada - on my return an hour ago I find that Moreno was traded for (I think) a draft pick.

Seeking an explanation, I started looking at a few of the 500 Moreno related posts but got sick of reading nasty fan battles with no insight as why what happened happened.

Can somebody give me a Coles Notes version of the rationale behind this trade now that it doesn't include a starting DE?

To be honest, I think for something like this trade to happen there must have been some major behind the scenes action to get rid of him like that. Maybe he requested a trade?


Trade announced - Moreno for Canada
Canada balks - says Hamilton is a dum
12 hrs. late it's announced that Canada has spleen injury
Cats couldn't find any other Wpg.player to agree to take
Settle for Draft Pick

Go figure.

  • And the rights to DT Corey Mace, who is on the Bills' practice roster.

Cornelius Anthony announced as Zeke's replacement at MLB.

Ticats.ca becomes a frothing morass of invective. LOL

Time will tell if it is the worst trade in Ticat history, IMO. Until we find out who is the draft pick and if Mace arrives here, it is a head scratcher. As for the present, I'm not sold on Anthony in the middle as a replacement for Zeke. Saturday will be important to see how he fares.

Oski Wee Wee,

Zeke is key factor in TSN Turning Point of the Game. Boy I'm glad he's not on our team.

8) Me too !! :roll: :wink:

Yeah...that's the last thing this team needs.

What boggles my mind is how they keep stating Zeke was already in Winnipeg so somehow that prevented the deal from being canceled. WTF!! Is this team too frickin cheap to just fly him home (notice I said HOME!!).

Geez...I would have paid for his flight back to Hamilton. OR EVEN BOOKED OFF WORK AND DRIVEN HIM

Actually I think TSN stated Zak was a key factor in the turning point.

But hey, he's not on the blue team can't expect them to get his name right

8) If the truth be known, the Ticats didn't want Zeke back on this team !!! :roll:

Ive been away myself and agree its tough to sort out. One thread actually ends up looking like it was moreno for anthony in the trade when you read it, lol. It looks to me like the cats got taken and should have shut the deal down, flown zeke back to hamilton and kept shopping him or played him. If he refused to play he could always sit till a deal comes up. Not sure why the cats always seem to have to rush every deal they make especially when its someone who isnt happy here. I am not saying that zeke was unhappy but.......if you dont like what winnipeg has to offer and dont get the player you wanted why sign off on it?, shut the deal down and keep shopping. bidnis is bidnis after all.

OBIE blow it, plain and simple.
and he will never admit it.

He doesn,t care what anybody thinks,
and the hell with the fans.

The deal was done and both teams agreed, Zeke flew out and Canada should have also. Instead, the next day Canada starts crying that he might just retire and Wah Wah I don't want to go to stinky ol Hamilton etc...
Zeke reports while Winnipeg and Canada announce he(Canada) had injured his spleen and is actually on the IR, which wasn't disclosed prior to the deal being signed.
Winnipeg apparently offered up other starters (no doubt an all-star with a small contract...yeah right)
and Obie turned them down. As much as I'd like to know who was offerd there's not a chance it would have been in anyway beneficial to us. Winnipeg would absolutely look to dump some overpaid under-achiever that would have just cost us large and doesn't address a need like Canada would have.
I know it's being said we didn't want Zeke back but I've yet to see that said anywhere, or if it was even a possibility.
Underhanded dealing by Winnipeg is what made this whole thing go to hell and Canada was on the active roster when the papers were signed so his health shouldnt have been a question.
The league obviously has to look at how our trade contracts are written up so a team can't pull stunts like this and I'd personally like to see them walk into the Bombers facility and go over their trainers records to see if there's even one note about Canada's injury. If there is, they knew and Hamilton should be compensated.
Im not sure at what point OB should have tried to reneg on a signed contract, or evn if he could but the league, the CFLPA and Hamilton should all be pretty receptive to an investigation, Winnipeg maybe not so much.
There was a time when fans would have used something like this to fuel a hatred of Winnipeg and Tom Canada, but times have changed I guess and if we even shut their hot water off next week Doug Brown will complain and our fans agree with him.