TSN loves Ricky Ray

My favourite line from the TSN Ricky Ray lovefest on Sunday.
In the third quarter as Henry Burris marched the Ticats down the field for the game tying touchdown: "Burris has been very Ricky Ray like on this drive". LMFAO
Ricky Ray should have been a little more 'Burris like' in the second half.

I know that it's hard on TSN to not have a Toronto team in the Grey Cup, but come on guys!
Show a little love for one of the CFL's great quarterbacks that doesn't play for Toronto.

Hardly likely. The man crush of the week will be Sheets and Durant

CBC still thinks Ricky Ray will win the east divisional playoff. :roll:

And "Rider nation". Like they don't already pat themselves on the back enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ain't that the truth. There was plenty of "Burris wasn't good enough" at half time, but after Ray went 5/12 for 50 yards and 2 first downs in the entire 2nd half, I don't remember any "Ray wasn't good enough", except from Ray himself. He's got more class than his TSN fan club.

And if they're not doing enough, then the Rider PR director, broadcaster and suck up, Rod Pederson is doing it for them.

TSN is trying to build a star or ‘face of the league’ perhaps. I say, good for them.
give the CFL a household name ( like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady ) which will get casual fans to tune in.
my grandpa never watched a football game in his life, until last year despite living in toronto most of his life. i’m amazed when he says stuff like, “i’ve never seen Ricky Ray miss 3 passes in a row”.
i think, ‘the hype machine is working’.
that kind of hype used to be reserved for Calvillo, but with him moving on, TSN needs to hype someone else now. RR is certainly worthy.