TSN live coverage

Can TSN please stop interviewing people during play??? Especially Suitor! He just goes on and on and all I want to do is to watch the game with play by play coverage! Do your job first and cover the game! Save your interviews for half time or between quarters! PLEASE!


I'm with you, generally, but Hall Of Fame night you can see that freight train coming a mile away.

Easily the worst play by play crew TSN has put together No excitement,bland etc. I have started listening to the radio and turning down the tv but about a 5 second delay


Agreed, but the Victor Cui interview had nothing really to do with hall of fame game and Suitor just went on and on! Reminded me of the grey cup a few years ago when Suitor was like a little school interviewing her crush when he interviewed Keith Urban!!! Lol

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I went back to the pvr of game and it was almost 11 minutes long during live play!

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Because they can use the interviews as filler for the 20 hours a day of Sportsdesk they broadcast.......

Yah, I remember that. I'm not a country music fan by any stretch so it still sends shivers up my spine. The Cui interview should have been edited for a pre-game show. It's annoying not having the guys in the booth paying attention where they should. On the bright side it can't get any worse than yesterday...can it?:crossed_fingers:

One of these days one of the interviewee's is going to say "Hey, can I watch the game, please? :stuck_out_tongue: