TSN Lions TV Coverage

By and large, I think TSN does a great job; I thought the flashbacks to Empire Stadium nostalgia was done well and not too cheezy. Randorf and crew do a nice job analyzing the plays, and Suts is a fantastic colour guy (loved his story about Jim Young's chin strap). But if I have to pick a bone with anyone, it's the 'Switcher' (the guy in Control who decides what camera the viewer sees). I don't mind seeing some of the players on the bench or the cheerleaders up close and all, but geez, some of those takes last forever! I just wish there was a little more creativity - like 1 or 2 human interest stories behind a player, humor us with the fans dance-off, or something less...predictable.

The one that got me was the close-up on Durant. I think he'd just scored a major. Durant babbled something and the camera stayed on him. Durant babbled some more and the camera continued to stay on him. Even after Durant had nothing else to say the cameraman stayed with Durant. I mean come. What were they waiting to see.....the guy pick his nostrils? That's similar to keeping the camera on the anchor news guy forever. I couldn't believe the camera guy stayed on Durant for so lone and no doubt Durant was beginning to feel awkward.

not sure how it looked on TV but between the stands and the benches their is not alot of room to move , maybe having to drag all the cables back and forth is more difficult then at the dome . I say wait a few games I'm sure things will improve.