TSN launces new SPORTS CHANNEL --- TSN 2

TSN 2 is finally here. And the CFL will be a big part of it.

During the playoffs and Grey Cup, TSN 2 will be showing classic CFL playoff games, then Grey Cup games during Grey Cup.

Also TSN 2 will show CFL replay games during the week early in the morning.

And TSN 2 will also be apart of the new CFL media launch that will have live post game shows from the stadium after eaach CFL game.

This will also be apart of the TSN and NHL hockey agreement.

starts august 29th!

I bet Rogers doesn't like this.

Right now Rogers doesn't have an agreement to carry TSN 2 at all. I don't believe Bell does either.

Now we just have to wait and see if any cable providers pick it up. Right now, no one will be able to see the channel on August 29th.

I'd love to see a post game show with some interviews. I hope Cogeco picks it up.


I hope none of the cable suppliers pick it up. All we need is another poor content sports package in Canada.

They replaced their TSN alternate with it. Most of the carriers picked up the TSN alternate previously, but when they showed no interest in TSN2, TSN stopped providing them with the free TSN alternate.

Working for a cable company im interested in seeing how this one turns out.

Wow awesome! I hope it works out! I really crave classic CFL games. I would watch them all day and never watch women's softball on ESPN 2 again (well OK once in a while :wink:


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So why not just not watch it?

I hope we get more poker coverage.

PLease tell me you are joking! :lol:

Well hopefully, TSN won't cry it should be on basic and we need to pay for another useless channel.

We now have two full time channels one part time channels not counting the NHL type of channels and still not enough good Canadian content to fill them up.

If the CRTC is going to give sports channels out, then they should be required to carry at the same amount of new original canadian sports broadcasting as a regular over the air channel.


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