TSN kicks it up a notch!

I just read TSN's campaign for the new season. It sounds pretty cool. The camera on the goal post should provide some wicked shots.

And they also said games will be available on TSN.ca. Does that mean people will be able to watch them live online? That would work for U.S. fans.

TSN unveils broadcasting campaign

It means you can avoid the "Black Out" by watching them on your computer.

I talked to a guy who worked for TSn on Friday night. It was at a pub, and I will admit I was slightly intoxicated, so I don't remember all of what he said. But, he said that there will be a noticable difference towards tsn's coverage of the CFL, things like CFL being more prominent on sportsdesk, better overall coverage. Some other stuff too, but I was kinda paying more attention the girl sitting beside me then him.
I think he also said that we won't have to hear only about the argos, that they might actually cover some of the western teams.

Like I said, slightly intoxicated, it was like 12:30 and I was trying to pay more attention to the Girl next to me as opposed to him, so thats really all I got out of the convo.

maybe they'll actually pretend that they give a damn about the alouettes.

Alouettes? Whats that?

(just kidding :wink: )

I like the idea of 8 cameras and then the robo cam on Friday Night, maybe Video Replay will get better as a result!

Finish the story how did you do.

yea, lets hear more about this girl...

that would be a bad thing.

I'm guessing he struck out

On topic please

I would be more impressed with TSN if they would finally admit to their mistake and announce how the playoffs and the Grey Cup will be televised on CTV.
Can we start a write in campaign?

Just to clarify.
What exactly is the mistake here?
Being on CTV or not announcing it?

I actually preferred CBC's High Definition coverage and panel to TSN's. I liked how we used to have a variety. I liked CBC's intro music and Daved Benefield segments, just seemed more professional.


ro, the problem as some of us see it has TSN reducing the league to TSN only, being a cable/satellite only service provider.
Just like the No Fun League and since the Grey Cup vs Super Bowl numbers are virtually identical, with either league taking turn in "winning", the Grey Cup and playoffs are a MUST see proposition and should be on the main network.
By comparison, since TSN has the NFL throughout the year, why not show the Super Bowl only on TSN instead of CTV?
After all this is Canada, well except Toronto and at times the curious decision of TSN(ESPN clone).

I totally agree.

No arguement from me…
All I can say to the CBC haters is…Be carefull what you wish for, you may get it.

Eh. I'd still take TSN over CBC.

I see no difference between the 2

One of them doesn't have Walby...that's enough for me to throw my support behind it...